Have you ever come to a place where you feel like someone just pulled the light switch in your brain off, and you’re left thrown off in the dark. It feels like the Grinch came and stole all your thoughts and ideas. In all fields of work a certain level of creativity is required, so what do you do when you have a big project due and you can’t seem to find that idea that’s fresh, new and exciting.
When you feel like your creative juices have run out. You’ll find that most of the time all you need is a change in perspective. When everything seems blank, your first instinct might be to give up but the first thing you need to learn is to shift away from that sort of thinking, take a breath and make the decision to stop being lazy. When you can’t find something on the surface you need to reach in deeper, that’s the only way you’ll find it.The same applies to thinking, if there are no ideas in mind, tap into the unconscious mind and think freely.
Find Inspiration, we are all inspired by certain things and we each need to find which of our senses inspire us the most, are you inspired by hearing or seeing? Whichever one it is, tap into it. Fill yourself with things that will insight you to think and create.
The most important aspect in thinking and creativity is one that most of us shy away from, which is being critical. We need to allow room for constructive criticism and correction. Imagine anything in the world coming out unedited, nothing would seem so great and inspiring. We need to remember to allow process to unfold. Sharp thinking requires one to be able to take correction and come up with solutions on the spot.
Remember that creativity means bringing a fresh takes on already existing ones. No idea has never not been explored, or is completely new and un-inspired by anything. It is a creative’s duty to find nuance, highlight it and present it as new again.
Creativity is not as hard as it seems, it can be produced if we just apply ourselves. Thinking requires effort and it can be made easier if we think smart.