How do I stay up in the belly of the night dreaming about your dark eyes as they stare at me with intense passion?
How have you managed to creep under my skin in days?
To have me addicted to the high that comes with your aura?

The majesty of your power
is taboo to my nature
I possess no knowledge of
decrypting the patterns
that now trail  the fibres
of my being
An inexplicable effect
is what your voice has on me
I die praying to have it linger in my ear.

How is it that you aren’t even mine yet you have me wilding out, composing my deepest art in your honour?
How do I explain the actions of my artistic self while my not no normal self has no comprehension of the events occurring before her?

You have perplexed even the voices in my head, they have gone rouge
I thirst for your magic in all it’s glory.
To bathe in the tub of your soul and clothe myself with words you utter to me.

Written by Maira Wolfe