My struggle, your struggle, we all struggle.


Struggles build resilience and make the things that we are going to achieve and have achieved more valuable, which means we should not all go through the same struggle. Struggles should be different in each and every generation to show that there is a form of progress in the lives of the people. As they say we are standing on the shoulders of giants that allow us to see much further than those who came before us. It is our birth right to continue where our ancestors and grandparents have left off, because it did not take one life time for white privilege to accumulate the resources that they have. By so saying it is up to us to continue the struggle of transformation in South Africa, we as young people should see further than the giants whose shoulders we are standing on.

Those giants have fought the struggle against apartheid and they have fought for free HIV medication, to name a few of the struggles they have won. We must give credit where it is due. However there remain struggles to be fought for example free decolonized education, which will be accessible to the poorest of the poor who need it most.

As citizens of South Africa we should unite against systems of exploitation and oppression which depend on our labour but benefit only few groups of people. Transformation is not a process that occurs in an isolated system, we are the ones who should drive the transformation process through our collective actions. Our collective actions will turn our dreams into reality. Let’s dare to dream of a better future for all.