Sequence-8.jpgIt’s not often that you come across a musician who has been in the game for so long and still stays fresh and up to date with the times. His journey in music began in 1997 and he’s still making jams that will have you up on your feet. We’re talking about the versatile and talented producer and hip hop artist Sequence.

We were invited to uncover the story behind this dynamic artist and we sought to find out when exactly the journey in music began for Sequence. “I started making music in 1997, I was still going to school at that time. I found my inspiration to make music at church, I would go every Sunday with my fellows. I’m also inspired by the likes of 50 cent, my music reflects the steep slopes in my life and I write them in my stories.” This explains why his music brings a fusion of soulful elements that it does.

There are many challenges on any Journey, and just like everyone else Sequence has encountered them too. How did he managed to overcome them to be where he is today? “Along the way I’ve had to learn not to ignore life because you only get to live once, I’ve overcome a lot and that led me to take on my music with both hands because God had gifted me with a talent God has gifted me so I use it and create music.”

With that being said we should all seek to find a lesson in all the  challenges we face, what valuable lessons has Sequence held on to throughout his career? “I’ve learnt to a lot about respect, and collaborating with various artists in different genres have taught me that no matter what genre you specialize in music is for every soul.” His actions and tireless dedication to his music shows the passion that he has for music, how did he manage to keep it going for so long? “Through my music career, I’ve always been a smart worker, so with that I appreciate my ability to produce, and the fact that I am multi-talented.”

What are your biggest achievements thus far in your career? “I’ve worked with Lwazi Mngmezulu at NMZ Music Production in Durban and found my independence. Now I have my own studio, my own beats and sounds, I can do my own singing and rapping in my own zone.”

So what can we expect next from Sequence? “My latest project is my mixtape which will be up soon.” How would you encourage the next generation of artists following in the journey? “To up and coming artists, know that education is key for all dreams. Stay focused and don’t give up on your talent”.

On that note we will be on the lookout for Sequence’s upcoming projects.


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