Wolfe Words.


Michelle Maira Mooka is a writer at Artizens of Joburg, a closet poet and a radio host at Radio Junto Reloaded. The pen is her sword and the paper is her battlefield, she sells dreams and we are willinglingy standing in line to buy them.

“What inspires me to do what I do is the fact that there is freedom in art and you don’t have to explain your freedom. You don’t have to fit the mould of societal norms, writing is my way of shattering those walls that confine people. The biggest thing I’ve learnt in my journey in writing is that everything is bigger than yourself, I learnt that talent alone is not enough and that you need to master the technique of writing, as far as writing and poetry goes. An artist should never be monotonous, as long as I am a writer I have to grow myself through other art forms hence my recent entry into radio. To up and coming artists, I would encourage you to find your niche and not alter it rather develop it because being who you are as an artist means staying true to yourself and trying too hard to fit the box created by society. You can be the greatest of your time in your own right.” 

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