Behaviour is only sustained in a constant environment.


At first I thought I understood what people meant when they said that behaviour is only sustained in an environment which is not changing. Knowing this truth I thought it would allow me to better direct my attention towards the ideal world where we are in the process of creating. For a few months, I observed human behaviour and moulded myself in a way that created a pattern I would follow until utopia was created but little did I know that utopia can’t be created in a vacuum. Things started to change in a way I could not explain; I just assigned blame to those who were around me but the matter of fact was as soon as my circle grew bigger my behaviour had to change to sustain my ‘new’ environment.

However I did not account for my new behaviour which only resulted in me experiencing chaos physically, mentally, and emotionally, since I did not create a pattern that accommodated my new space. Our environments are important, also we should realise that their forever changing and if we cannot change with them the only thing that can arise is chaos or a state of stagnant that we cannot explain just assign blame. Water is a perfect metaphor for how we should carry ourselves as human beings, flow without resistance and adapt to the conditions of our environment.

Self-reflection is an important process, it allows us to make sense of the world, an account of the various factors that influence our behaviour, creating possibilities where we constantly evolve and innovate. Keep check of your environment and the people in that space; our behaviour with different kinds of people and also the distance between people in space plays a huge role in the types of behaviour we express. Let’s flow like water to create a utopia that we all dream of remembering life is what we make it.

Written by Lehlogonolo Modise