In The Dark.


How great were we in the dark? When all our deepest thoughts were myths never meant for the scorching light. When you were a part-time companion for lonely days, hero for the gloomy ones

You and I in there dark were the best story In greyscale thickened frames Our bodies cocooned from the horror that loomed outside our walls We were safe, in the dark, ‘fore all the love became too much to bare Too much to hold. Before the flames gathered around us

My heart mourns the loss of a soul still wandering about the earth Who knew missing someone alive would torture my sanity this much? Who knew I’d be holding my phone over this page as I drip the last of my might for a figure no longer mine?

In the dark, in our dark, my soul saw light greater than our horizon, danced wildly, fallen walls and retired guards. In the dark, I had no fear of pain for I believed in make-believe My obsession with fairy-tales fostered in me wishes of ever after, wishes not granted

In our dark, I had you, daylight cracked our façade Until you faded with the little sun you brought.

Written by Maira Wolfe