Fake Feelings.


Faking emotions is actually a true mark disrespect to another human being. When you fake an emotion trying to not hurt their feelings, you actually make someone feel like they were not worthy of the truth. You make them fell as though they did not deserve to know the reality, and that after they served their purpose of entertainment in your life, you set an expiry date on the relationship.

I am not trying to advocate that every relation is meant to see a happy ending, but the moment you realise that the expectation bar between you and your partner is not equal, you need to either change or end things with them.

Emotions have a way of being reflected sooner or later, and there is no way in hell that your partner won’t realize that the spark between the two of you is lost. If you think that pretending to be in love with them will result in no bad blood, then you are mistaken. Once it’s over, you will forever be the ex who faked even the genuine parts of you will lose all their meaning and evaporate.

No one wants the silent listener to their ranting, they want someone who talks, not merely nods and speaks. No one wants to deal with a girl who wears makeup by the kilo, even if when she sleeps, or a guy who dresses to kill even if when he is around the house, alone. We are humans, we are flawed. We want someone to love us, as broken and as flawed as we are, because we want to love others in the same way. We don’t want a motivational speaker for a partner, who tells us that life is all roses. We want a human being who tells us to screw the worries, opens a can of beer for us, brings in the pizza and tells us that why not existing for the world for one day, is actually great for us.

The next time you are tempted to fake or to pretend to have the feelings which you don’t, please stop yourself from creating a mess that you won’t be able to clean later. Please treat someone in the way you want to be treated, be hard with the truth; no matter how bitter it is, because they will thank you later. Be the person that was honest and broke someone’s heart, rather than being the asshole that got them flowers loaded with pricks that left them with scars that won’t heal later.

Written by Jolene Tshakane