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Michelle Maira Mooka is a writer at Artizens of Joburg, a closet poet and a radio host at Radio Junto Reloaded. The pen is her sword and the paper is her battlefield, she sells dreams and we are willinglingy standing in line to buy them.

“What inspires me to do what I do is the fact that there is freedom in art and you don’t have to explain your freedom. You don’t have to fit the mould of societal norms, writing is my way of shattering those walls that confine people. The biggest thing I’ve learnt in my journey in writing is that everything is bigger than yourself, I learnt that talent alone is not enough and that you need to master the technique of writing, as far as writing and poetry goes. An artist should never be monotonous, as long as I am a writer I have to grow myself through other art forms hence my recent entry into radio. To up and coming artists, I would encourage you to find your niche and not alter it rather develop it because being who you are as an artist means staying true to yourself and trying too hard to fit the box created by society. You can be the greatest of your time in your own right.” 

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Single Parenting.


Surviving and thriving as a single mom.

I went to visit an old friend the other day, just to catch up on life and all that. She recently gave birth, and I was happy to see how she has grown after giving birth to her daughter. The bond between her and the baby is just so beautiful, totally out of this world.

“Motherhood is not only the proverbial hardest job you’ll ever have. I love my daughter more than I ever thought possible I’m lucky to have a kind, healthy child, but the reality is that motherhood is tough, especially when you are on your own” she said. I have heard a lot of single mothers say “I knew it was going to be hard, but I didn’t know it was going to be like this” because nobody talks about how difficult it is, perhaps they feel it would be disloyal to their children or think, as I do, that the blessing of a child outweighs the tough stuff. I personally, am not a mother yet, but I am surrounded by single mothers, some of them are my friends. From what I see, they are carrying a heavy load in their lives. What bothers me is the cultural bias against single parenthood and the negative connotations that come with it, all which single parents are forced to deal with daily.

Single parents get a bad rep. There is a cultural bias against single parents, an assumption that these households are less than or incomplete and children suffer the consequence. There is also a gender dimension too. There is an assumption that it is undesirable to be a single mother because the mother won’t be able to follow her own dreams, build a good life and become successful.

It cannot be denied that being a single parent is challenging. There are many single mothers that I know of, who managed to achieve some things in life, like my dear friend, whose name i cannot disclose. She managed to graduate from a tertiary institution and now she is in the corporate world. Many people might look down on you and think you are heading straight for failure because you just gave birth. People might automatically assume that you are less capable of having a career and achieving personal success than a person in any other situations.

I believe that there is life during and after bringing a child to earth. Everyone is capable of achieving whatever they have always wanted to. I mean, nothing is impossible. No one can completely take the place of an absent parent. But one person can make a difference in filling a few voids. There are many single parents who are productive and successful. Further, there are many people in two-parent households who are less productive and successful. I think people can come from a family with both parents that are lousy or come from a family with one parent that is great, or vice versa.

Written by Jolene Tshakane

Johnny Guava Solo Photographic Exhibition.


On Saturday the 15th of October Johnny Guava opened his first solo photographic exhibition “CANdour” at MB Studio Community Gallery. The exhibtion told the captivating story of the artists journey of self discovery, seeking to identify the roles, labels and reponsiblities ascribed to him and that of the people in his life who are closest to him.

When you look at the beatuiful images on the wall you are mezmarised by the luminous image in front of you, and as you take a step closer you soon realize that are the images are constructed from discarded cans which he photographs, then follows through with deep etching process to shape the cans further and construct a totally new image from it.

We had the opportunity to follow up with the artist himself, and see what the journey to the exhibition was like. “It was about reflection, reflecing on where I come from and where I wanna go.” To up and coming photographers who wish to one day have an exhibition like him he says “Keep at your photography and experiment”.



Sequence-8.jpgIt’s not often that you come across a musician who has been in the game for so long and still stays fresh and up to date with the times. His journey in music began in 1997 and he’s still making jams that will have you up on your feet. We’re talking about the versatile and talented producer and hip hop artist Sequence.

We were invited to uncover the story behind this dynamic artist and we sought to find out when exactly the journey in music began for Sequence. “I started making music in 1997, I was still going to school at that time. I found my inspiration to make music at church, I would go every Sunday with my fellows. I’m also inspired by the likes of 50 cent, my music reflects the steep slopes in my life and I write them in my stories.” This explains why his music brings a fusion of soulful elements that it does.

There are many challenges on any Journey, and just like everyone else Sequence has encountered them too. How did he managed to overcome them to be where he is today? “Along the way I’ve had to learn not to ignore life because you only get to live once, I’ve overcome a lot and that led me to take on my music with both hands because God had gifted me with a talent God has gifted me so I use it and create music.”

With that being said we should all seek to find a lesson in all the  challenges we face, what valuable lessons has Sequence held on to throughout his career? “I’ve learnt to a lot about respect, and collaborating with various artists in different genres have taught me that no matter what genre you specialize in music is for every soul.” His actions and tireless dedication to his music shows the passion that he has for music, how did he manage to keep it going for so long? “Through my music career, I’ve always been a smart worker, so with that I appreciate my ability to produce, and the fact that I am multi-talented.”

What are your biggest achievements thus far in your career? “I’ve worked with Lwazi Mngmezulu at NMZ Music Production in Durban and found my independence. Now I have my own studio, my own beats and sounds, I can do my own singing and rapping in my own zone.”

So what can we expect next from Sequence? “My latest project is my mixtape which will be up soon.” How would you encourage the next generation of artists following in the journey? “To up and coming artists, know that education is key for all dreams. Stay focused and don’t give up on your talent”.

On that note we will be on the lookout for Sequence’s upcoming projects.


Watch video -> Sequence.


crochet-2With the well advanced machine age we live in, everything is made in an instant. Very few people still value the art of a handmade item. Crocheting is a valuable art form of designing and making an item that is one of it’s kind. If you’re looking to take up crocheting, here are a few things to take note of as you begin your journey.

The art of crocheting begins with your body, make sure you are seated well and can maintain good posture because you will need it to be able to work for longer. Your body will need to be comfortable for you to be able to stretch your arms and knit.

“Crocheting and knitting is a versatile process. Knowing that you can create anything from wool, grow it from there. For instance If you create a square you could expand that by creating a blanket out of it. That’s how you grow in crochet, be creative with it.” – Angela Nimah

When you crochet. Keep it clean and seamless. When you’re knitting or crocheting you can cover up any sort of mistake, to keep your designs clean and crisp, tie knots so that everything is secured.

Learn how to take care of wool. To keep it clean and intact, hand wash it at 30 degrees celsius, then wring and hang. Wool items need special attention.
“It should cost more because it is handmade, take pride in your work and do not under value it.” – Angela Nimah

So before you take up your needles and create your best wool designs, remember to identify why you’re taking up the craft. Create what you like and learn more about what you’re doing


My struggle, your struggle, we all struggle.


Struggles build resilience and make the things that we are going to achieve and have achieved more valuable, which means we should not all go through the same struggle. Struggles should be different in each and every generation to show that there is a form of progress in the lives of the people. As they say we are standing on the shoulders of giants that allow us to see much further than those who came before us. It is our birth right to continue where our ancestors and grandparents have left off, because it did not take one life time for white privilege to accumulate the resources that they have. By so saying it is up to us to continue the struggle of transformation in South Africa, we as young people should see further than the giants whose shoulders we are standing on.

Those giants have fought the struggle against apartheid and they have fought for free HIV medication, to name a few of the struggles they have won. We must give credit where it is due. However there remain struggles to be fought for example free decolonized education, which will be accessible to the poorest of the poor who need it most.

As citizens of South Africa we should unite against systems of exploitation and oppression which depend on our labour but benefit only few groups of people. Transformation is not a process that occurs in an isolated system, we are the ones who should drive the transformation process through our collective actions. Our collective actions will turn our dreams into reality. Let’s dare to dream of a better future for all.


IT and Basketball.


Kabelo Mahlosana is an IT Intern at Dimension Data and a basketball player for the Boston Giants. To him technology is more than just devices to toy with, it is a means to innovate lives. This creative on the move reminds us why the digital world is the future.

“I do what I do simply because it’s a hobby and I enjoy it. I believe that if I do what I enjoy I won’t have to work a day in my life. I’m inspired by the idea of how technology has the potential to innovate how we live. To young creatives pursuing IT, remeber to always strive to know more than you already know. Hard work and talent is key, unlock your potential and strive to be the best at what you do. The best thing I’ve learnt is that there’s always room to grow and be who you need to be in order to succeed and it’s all about how you channel your mindset.”

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How do I stay up in the belly of the night dreaming about your dark eyes as they stare at me with intense passion?
How have you managed to creep under my skin in days?
To have me addicted to the high that comes with your aura?

The majesty of your power
is taboo to my nature
I possess no knowledge of
decrypting the patterns
that now trail  the fibres
of my being
An inexplicable effect
is what your voice has on me
I die praying to have it linger in my ear.

How is it that you aren’t even mine yet you have me wilding out, composing my deepest art in your honour?
How do I explain the actions of my artistic self while my not no normal self has no comprehension of the events occurring before her?

You have perplexed even the voices in my head, they have gone rouge
I thirst for your magic in all it’s glory.
To bathe in the tub of your soul and clothe myself with words you utter to me.

Written by Maira Wolfe