mannequin final..jpg

With the mannequin challenge currently taking surface all over the internet it calls us to take a moment to freeze and be still and observe. Stillness forces us to take a look at the world around us and realize whats going on, reflect and create solutions to the challenges we may be facing.

A mannequin is described as the perfect model for the human being, the right shape size height or color. The ideal representation of the human form, except that it is lifeless. But the mannequin is a puppet, it is styled and changed according to how the next person wants it to be. We need to ask ourselves why we aspire to be the way we want to be, is it because we are told that that is the way we should aspire to be or does it ring true to who we really are?

This makes us question who you really are in this world, are you a mannequin? Beautiful, ideal and lifeless or do you allow yourself to appreciate yourself fully outside of societal norms and expectations.