Graphic Design is the at and skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books. Graphic design is an art form that allows an artist to fuse and create while incorporating different art forms. Here are a few tips to sharpen your design skills:

1) “Keep it simple – don’t hassle yourself with complex styles and palettes. Some of the best designs are simple.” – Ceekreative

2) “Be clever with your colors- colors create visual harmony. By choosing a warm, cool or monochromatic color combinations you will create a tonal foundation for your design.” – Ceekreative

3) “Creativity and originality – Becoming an original thinker isn’t easy. Learn techniques, go against the grain, broaden your skill-set and create your own design methods.” – Ceekreative

Graphic Design allows you to broaden your creativity and challenge it, while also opening you up for plenty of opportunities in all industries. If you’re an aspiring graphic designer always open yourself up to new possibilities, go forth and create.