Map your mind.


“The most valuable thing we can offer each other is the framework to think for ourselves.” – Nancy Kline

Do you ever wonder how people who come up with great ideas come up with them and achieve enormous amounts of success from them. What if I told you that you, as you are have the capacity to become one of them, would that motivate you take that leap of faith and bring your ideas to life?

At any given moment we have 10 000 thoughts conscious and subconscious running through our minds, that alone speaks to the power and capacity of the human mind. What if I told you that thinking and bringing ideas to life could be a whole lot easier if we create a thinking environment for ourselves and the people around us.

A thinking environment is an environment that encourages you to think for yourself. Which from a young age is discouraged. Thinking for yourself means that you have to pay attention to your thoughts and map through your mind.Bringing good ideas to life requires you create a road map of how you’re going to bring them to life and why you want to do so.

A thinking environment allows you to easily tap into your stream of thought, ask the incisive questions that increase the functionality of the idea and ultimately develop the quality of the idea and implement it.

No man is an island entire of himself, the phrase could never be more relevant when it comes to ideas and bringing them to life. The core of thinking and creating relies on the environment. A thinking environment insists that you consider the following ten aspects to ensure that the fullest potential is reached when you are in a space of thinking and creating.

1. Attention

2. Incisive Questions

3. Equality

4. Appreciation

5. Ease

6. Encouragement

7. Feelings

8. Information

9. Diversity

All these components combined come together to connect two things which are the essence of the human being, the mind and the heart. When they work in unison they have the power to create, influence and achieve beyond measure. They alone are the forces which drive change and innovation in the world.

Whichever field you work in, bear in mind the following as you proceed to pioneer or create; “Everything we do depends on the quality of thinking we do first”. This serves as a reminder that the key to building something great or achieving something lies in the effort that was placed into it. So go forth and create but always know why you create that which you create.