The Jump Off 2016/17.

The Deeper Indulgence presents BGF Annual Jump Off 2016/17.

Venue: Paradise Resort, Bothashoek ( Burgersfort, Limpopo ).

Date: 31 December 2016.

DJ Line Up: Da Vynalist | Exotic DJ | Ultimo Numero | Stagz Jazz | Dramatic Melo | Sgivo | Jus Geoff | Cue Vinyl | Ruud Sanity | Mekeng | Lele X | Broboski Deesicer | Dj Lolo.

Performances: Czar | Slabsta | Motlatsi | Lyrical Ray | Harvey | J Tight | Voca Radges | Colimag | Exodus | Kush Joint | Wilson Djembe | Manix.

Mc: Peniel Mbhebz.

Bring camp chairs & fireworks. Alcohol & food will be sold inside the venue. Own alcohol allowed. Cooler box R10 at the gate.

Merry Christmas!


Compliment of the season! Have yourselves a very merry christmas. May you reap the fruits of all that you have sown throughout the year. Stay blessed and enjoy the rest of the festive season Artizens!


Intellectually Talented Entertainer.


I.T.E (Intellectually talented entertainer) is a musician and sound engineer who believes in creating music with a message that appeals to reality. He considers himself a “Sound engineer with a rap career.”

“What I have learnt since I began my career is to be passionate about what you do because if you don’t have that passion what else will lighten up and build your quality. With passion comes patience, when you’re patient you don’t rush and you work better other people and music. If you’re patient and passionate you won’t miss the point. Always stay humble and dedicated. Humility will help you build better relationship with people and that goes a long way. Always respect the fans and the people you make the music for. I think giving people quality music has been my biggest and getting a good response from people. When people give me good feedback that’s a big achievement for me. It’s not about whether I got to open for Miss Cosmo it’s the music within itself. Everything else around that is complementary. What would you say to up and coming creatives in the game. ‘It’s not hard if you know you can do it, Even when you feel the pressure push it, you know you got it. It’s not hard if you know you got it. Prove it to yourself that you can do it and go all they way. There’s no limit to the finish. Believe in it and know that you can do it. ”

Follow I.T.E on:

Instagram: I_T_E

Facebook: Itebogeng Moatshe

Twitter: @I_t_e


The Heavy Drum King – Thabzen Bibo.


To be a producer you must have an imagination vivid enough to create something from nothing, and that is exactly what Thabo Mashego did, he is better know as Thabzen Bibo the DJ and Producer. He has worked alongside big names in the house music scene, including the likes of DJ Qness, Cuba and Demor to name a few. We had the chance to meet The Heavy Drum king himself and got to know a little more about how he pioneered and broke into the South African house music scene.

When did you start making music and when did the journey start, and what made you start making music? “I started making music in 2010, what made me start making music is my love and passion for music, and I’ve always wanted to be in the entertainment industry.”

What have you learned along the journey about what it takes to be a successful musician? “I have learned that dedication and hard work is the way to make it in the music business.”

What would you say about the current state of house music in SA? “I feel like South African house music talent is growing and is quite impressive, but people lack in the business side of the work, which is also something that should be taken seriously, but other than that I think on the production side we improving every year.”

What advice would you give an up and coming house musician in South Africa? “I would advise them to go to school, get educated and find a proper job then follow music as a hobby.”

What’s next for Thabzen Bibo, what can we expect next in the journey, any upcoming projects? “I’m currently working on my album that’s dropping in 2017, my documentary is already available on the net, on youtube. My first single from the album is titled “Nguwe ft Lihle” will be out soon on Itunes so be on the look out!”

We definitely will be on the lookout to catch the hits the The Heavy Drum King will keep us on our feet next.

Watch the Thabzen Bibo story documentary here -> Thabzen Bibo – The Heavy Drum King.

Follow Thabzen Bibo on:

Facebook: Thabzen Bibo

Youtube: Thabo Mashego

Written by Kea Mooka.