Intellectually Talented Entertainer.


I.T.E (Intellectually talented entertainer) is a musician and sound engineer who believes in creating music with a message that appeals to reality. He considers himself a “Sound engineer with a rap career.”

“What I have learnt since I began my career is to be passionate about what you do because if you don’t have that passion what else will lighten up and build your quality. With passion comes patience, when you’re patient you don’t rush and you work better other people and music. If you’re patient and passionate you won’t miss the point. Always stay humble and dedicated. Humility will help you build better relationship with people and that goes a long way. Always respect the fans and the people you make the music for. I think giving people quality music has been my biggest and getting a good response from people. When people give me good feedback that’s a big achievement for me. It’s not about whether I got to open for Miss Cosmo it’s the music within itself. Everything else around that is complementary. What would you say to up and coming creatives in the game. ‘It’s not hard if you know you can do it, Even when you feel the pressure push it, you know you got it. It’s not hard if you know you got it. Prove it to yourself that you can do it and go all they way. There’s no limit to the finish. Believe in it and know that you can do it. ”

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