A Red Door Wonderland.


The Butterfly Effect.

Tiisetso Maoke from Red Door Art invited us into her wondeland of fine art. She indulged us with a sneak peak into her newest artworks from Red Door Art where she follows the story of a coming of age and shares her experience of it.

What inspired the new collection? “Alice in wonderland a black queens perspective (GROWING UP) I’d like to call it. All grown up means a lot of different things, taking a huge part of my life and not preferring it as childlike like Alice. The ever so dreamy Alice is challenged into being more responsible, and having to mature into the classy woman she had always known she wanted to be. She responds to the great need to represent the everyday woman who is faced with choices every woman needs to make. The beautiful nature and mystery in all this is that she had managed to become true to herself while living her dream. A very close someone had commented earlier saying, I honestly have a childlike mind, in my defence, although I had thought it was beautiful that they experienced my creative aura, but moreover  did not meant in a good way. They mentioned how they loved being around me and being a part of all my playful ideas, I still felt the need to correct him because I’d like to reffer to it as a vivid-imagination not a childlike mind. I realized growing up was about taking charge. I wanna look forward to putting all my puzzle pieces together. With my talk show Verb coming up, my book being published, and me having to be aligned with my purpose, I’ve reached a stage where I love growing up even if it comes with topics like, Social entrepreneurship, being a woman in a man’s world, turning fashion challenges into fashion victories through Deco, not just for myself but for a larger room of the people I’m living with. You learn about sacrifices, commitment, loyalty. This also means that I have parted with a time where passionate love is enough alone but, compassionate love can open doors to passionate love. Where socio politics and gender unity interest me, and where integrity has shown itself much stronger as I aspire for more and more and to fight for what is right and as what is right has fully been evident to be the best beyond all. Womanhood is great, because the more I discover myself the more I fall inlove with my womanly nature. Over and over again, exploring beauty trends, still being classy, connecting my fashion sense with who I am or having to change the lives of other women. Like Jeniffer Lopez would say, I’m still Jenny from the Block. Im still Tiisi from the block.” – Tiisetso Maoke.

Keep a lookout for Tiisetso as she sets out to explore the world of fine art further.


Where Dreamers Go.


Recycling Art.

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