Boutique Chic.


Lethabo Ribombo is a style consultant at Dash Diva Boutique and a nail technician. She is passionate about beauty and fashion because she believes that the way you present yourself leaves an impression. This creative on the move reminds us that an everyday thing like dressing up can be turned into art no matter the occasion.

“I became a style consultant in February 2016 and it was never quite a calling for me but an opportunity that I embraced and came to love. The passion grew from there. What keeps me motivated to do what I do in the fashion and retail industry is knowing that people value my opinion. I have learnt that everyday has its own outfit and every occasion has its own outfit, dress accordingly but always stay true to yourself your own style. Up and coming stylists and creative in the fashion industry should keep in mind the fact that people have different personalities and personality defines look.”  – Lethabo Ribombo

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