State of The Arts Address.

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In light of the State of the Nation Address, we were insighted to take to the streets to find out what artists and creatives think about the state of the arts in our country where we are constantly let down by our government. With news just in that the SABC has lost over R400 million in 2016, we worry about the people who are placed in positions of power to make decisions regarding the Arts and Entertainment Industry in South Africa.

“I think, we have come a long way in the past five years, I’ve been witnessing more young people coming out and not being afraid to pursue a career in the arts. That’s amazing because that grows the Industry, however artists are not being accommodated and resources are not being provided that enable us to move. I think Artists should move to full independence in their craft, it’s the only way to survive and make a living in our area of gifting.” – Kea Mooka

We went out to ask Artizens how they feel about the current state of the Industry and what they feel should be done next.

Watch our State of The Arts commentary video here – > State of The Arts Address.

Making The Change.


We had a chance to sit down with entrepreneur and Author of Making The Change Evident, Olagunju Success Taiwo. This creative on the move writes to remind us that there is always a chance for growth and that change is a constant thing.

“I wanted to write a book by the age of 35, which  I did. I finished writing the book in 2010 and I only got the chance to publish the book in 2016, It was always my desire. Making The Change Evident is a book about change, which is something that’s common in all walks of life. I’m reinforcing positive change, and encouraging people to believe in the consistency of change. I’ve learnt that change is an ongoing process. To be a good author make sure you always have a notepad and pen with you. Whenever you have different thoughts running through your mind jot it down, even if it does not make sense now, it will in future when you reflect and those thoughts can turn into questions that bring out lessons.” – Olagunju Success Taiwo.


Buy a copy of his book on Amazon -> Making The Change Evident by Taiwo Olagunju

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Turm fires shots on #BlackOut.


Turm starts the year with a heated single #BlackOut which was received by many as a diss song. We went out to get the inside scoop behind the single from the BGF rapper who recently won the 2016 Hip Hop Cares award for Song of the Year.

“My goal was to drop a song for the street and that’s what I did, the diss just came with the package. The message is straight forward – I’m a killer. There are lines that go like… My homie told me now we run the town so it’s time to f*** the b***** / I had to tell him that the bigger picture here is riches on BlackOut. This is what happened when I was having a chat with a close friend. See I always express a lot of things in my songs but they seem to come out too nice, you’d think it was constructed just to make the song sound cool. I express my feelings in a song, however, I do not take everything about my life to the mic. I need some privacy after all.”

What does Turm really think about beef in the Hip Hop game?

“It all depends on what you wanna get out of it. Beef is part of the culture and if niggas decide to take it to a personal level it’s all good. They know the perks of being a rapper and this is where we wanna see how you get to handle what you didn’t see coming. So I think beef just completes us and our culture.” – Turm.

Be sure to catch Turms latest single #BlackOut to start the year with a bang.

Download – > Turm – BlackOut (prod by Turm).

Posed as Pearl.

pearlpicThe fashion world would not be the same without the people who bring life to the clothes. We’re talking about models and we got a chance to meet the gorgeous Swati born model and creative on the move, Pearl Ngele who certainly embodies poise and passion in her craft.

“Modelling is not only about being tall and slender, but it’s also about art, fashion communication and acting. My passion is fuelled by knowing that I can be who I want to be without anyone judging me when I model. Learn to take negative criticism as a stepping stone in this industry, it only helps you become better at what you do. Remember that no one can make your dreams come true but you.” – Pearl Ngele.

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