Turm fires shots on #BlackOut.


Turm starts the year with a heated single #BlackOut which was received by many as a diss song. We went out to get the inside scoop behind the single from the BGF rapper who recently won the 2016 Hip Hop Cares award for Song of the Year.

“My goal was to drop a song for the street and that’s what I did, the diss just came with the package. The message is straight forward – I’m a killer. There are lines that go like… My homie told me now we run the town so it’s time to f*** the b***** / I had to tell him that the bigger picture here is riches on BlackOut. This is what happened when I was having a chat with a close friend. See I always express a lot of things in my songs but they seem to come out too nice, you’d think it was constructed just to make the song sound cool. I express my feelings in a song, however, I do not take everything about my life to the mic. I need some privacy after all.”

What does Turm really think about beef in the Hip Hop game?

“It all depends on what you wanna get out of it. Beef is part of the culture and if niggas decide to take it to a personal level it’s all good. They know the perks of being a rapper and this is where we wanna see how you get to handle what you didn’t see coming. So I think beef just completes us and our culture.” – Turm.

Be sure to catch Turms latest single #BlackOut to start the year with a bang.

Download – > Turm – BlackOut (prod by Turm).