Making The Change.


We had a chance to sit down with entrepreneur and Author of Making The Change Evident, Olagunju Success Taiwo. This creative on the move writes to remind us that there is always a chance for growth and that change is a constant thing.

“I wanted to write a book by the age of 35, which  I did. I finished writing the book in 2010 and I only got the chance to publish the book in 2016, It was always my desire. Making The Change Evident is a book about change, which is something that’s common in all walks of life. I’m reinforcing positive change, and encouraging people to believe in the consistency of change. I’ve learnt that change is an ongoing process. To be a good author make sure you always have a notepad and pen with you. Whenever you have different thoughts running through your mind jot it down, even if it does not make sense now, it will in future when you reflect and those thoughts can turn into questions that bring out lessons.” – Olagunju Success Taiwo.


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