State of The Arts Address.

state of the arts address picture cover.jpg

In light of the State of the Nation Address, we were insighted to take to the streets to find out what artists and creatives think about the state of the arts in our country where we are constantly let down by our government. With news just in that the SABC has lost over R400 million in 2016, we worry about the people who are placed in positions of power to make decisions regarding the Arts and Entertainment Industry in South Africa.

“I think, we have come a long way in the past five years, I’ve been witnessing more young people coming out and not being afraid to pursue a career in the arts. That’s amazing because that grows the Industry, however artists are not being accommodated and resources are not being provided that enable us to move. I think Artists should move to full independence in their craft, it’s the only way to survive and make a living in our area of gifting.” – Kea Mooka

We went out to ask Artizens how they feel about the current state of the Industry and what they feel should be done next.

Watch our State of The Arts commentary video here Р> State of The Arts Address.