The gospel with Sipho Mbatha.


Ismanya Productions is a production company and art house that strives to showcase and places true value in artist’s talent as opposed to their background and social standing. Ismanya Productions was founded in Kwa-Zulu Natal and has now expanded to Johannesburg. Our first encounter with the art house was when we were introduced to their hip-hop artist Sequence. The company has since set out to further explore the arts scene and searched for deep raw talent in their founding home town.

Ismanya Productions took Pongola by storm by hosting their very first event to launch the gospel artist Sipho Mbatha’s debut album Izulu Livuliwe. This initiative was a first step to restore the value of arts and culture in Pongola.

Sipho Mbatha was born and raised in uPongola, Kwa-Zulu Natal and is currently based in Durban. He started singing in the 1980’s, drawing inspiration from the likes of Vuyo Mokoena. The gospel artist is a local favorite in Pongola and is still on the rise to spread the gospel and showcase his talent.

“We decided to work with Sipho and help him in his journey, we saw his talent and looking at Pongola as a whole, the people and artists don’t have access to many resources and facilities and the infrastructure isn’t too great either. According to our research we also found that there is no Gospel artists in Pongola.” – Bongs, one of the co-founders of Ismanya Productions.

In an effort to further enhance the quality of album launch. Ismanya reached out to two radio DJ’s Mas J and Thembekile from Umkhondo FM. Bringing together two provinces in the name of art.

We are looking forward to Sipho Mbatha’s next album and more from Ismanya Productions.

Watch Video -> Sipho Mbatha Album Launch

For more info:

071 765 7733 (Bongs)