Skin Deep.

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“The inspiration behind the artwork is the concept of how people easily judge the book by its cover and most people have confirmed that. If you look at the artwork, the lips look really good but when you look closely beyond the surface, inside the real you is locked up and jailed. Beauty is only skin deep meaning that a person may look really good on the outside but inside be mesirable and monstrous and sometimes vice versa, things are not always as they look.”  – Lionel. 

Graphic by Lionel Designs.

How to connect with your grief.


It has been almost a decade since I lost my older sister. Honestly, this is the first that I get to reveal how her loss has affected me. I can still declare that I am totally not over it. We shared lot of great moments together, what makes it harder is that she was more like my duplicate, we looked like identical twins. I don’t want to really dwell much on the cause of her death. Loss is a natural part of life, but  it doesn’t make it easy to accept or live through. I still cannot believe that she has left this earth, I am still living in hope that she will perhaps come back? Or maybe in the next lifetime, is there even a next life time?

I look to the sky to feel closer to my sister and feel her warmth. I sometimes ask myself how life would be with her around. Her passing left a big void in our hearts that no one can ever fill. Everyone who was part of her life was saddened by her sudden death. If I could, I would bring her back to life, but there is no way. I sometimes find myself talking to her in my mind, imagining her here. I know this might sound crazy but honestly, I sometimes catch myself having some sort of a communication with her. With the passing of time, and designated space made for healing I’ve come to the conclusion that the loss of my only sister has contributed to my growth and I’m better because of it.

But, if you’re still in that raw, open, and super vulnerable place of depression and sadness I want to offer you my biggest virtual hug and encourage you to keep taking steps around that to rediscover who you are after your loss. At the end of the day, joy is a choice and it is up to you to find it. One of the best ways I’ve rediscovered my happiness is through the writing process. Journaling was the one place I could express my feelings. I didn’t have to edit my responses or  have to endure other people’s advice about how I should grieve. The truth is, there is no “right” way to mourn a loss.

Again I got to use my imagination, creativity and introspection, as a tool for healing. Perhaps, you might go back and do the things that you have always wanted to do, getting back to your hobbies, doing stuff that can revive your happiness, at the end of the day. Life goes on. You are bound to rediscover yourself and do you.

I hope that you find that spark that leads you around the corner and back to yourself. To that new version of you. One who can see the light at the end of the tunnel and go after it.

Written by Jolene Tshakane



Odirile Khune Motsiri is a visual artist and fine art student making strides in the fine art world with his textured creations. He’ll be holding his first solo exhibition “Identity” on the 8th of April 2017. He consider himself a child at heart and never sets limitations to his imagination.

“What inspired me to become an artist was the longing to being able to do something I always had the desire to do full time. Creating was all I desired, either working on paper or digitally. It was not just for fun- art became more of a lifestyle than just a hobby. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt is that you have to be yourself in everything you do. It goes a long way especially in terms of owning your craft. There’s a sort of aura you harness and try to mature in the process of it all which ultimately gives you your unique style. Theres a quote that I like that goes, “He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist” St. Francis of Assisi. Having quoted that, I hope to meet other artists and probably share knowledge and ideas. Our community as fine artists needs to grow.” – Odirile Khune Mots’


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A gripping story of love, loss and life in “Luna Words Vol. 1: Beautiful Imperfections” by Maira Wolfe and Jade Novelist #ArtizenReview


Luna Words Vol. 1: Beautiful Imperfections, the emotionally charged offering by Maira Wolfe and Jade Novelist will have you zoned in from page to page.

The book is composed of a series of poetry and a short story that unfolds a tale of two passionate lovers who yearn to be together but cannot.

This skillfuly worded and perfectly moulded fiction explores themes of love, infidelity, desire and morality that resonates with many unconventional love affairs. The book expresses the intense feelings of desire and complexities of the conflicts that arise from such love affairs.

The book engages the reader with a lyrical delivery of the story and equally captivating visuals.

It is a definite must read and an artwork in all it’s entirety. Maira Wolfe and Jade Novelist delivered a well penned book, that has brought a fresh take on fiction in the literary world.

Download -> Luna Words Vol. 1: Beautiful Imperfections.


The Contented Life.

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“He who is contented is rich”- Lao Tzu

I grew up with a desire to feel content in my life. I think it is very normal; knowing that you are whole, and everything is on point. I’ve learned ways to reach that feeling, to be in a state of ease, believing that every situation I am bound to be involved in can be overcome and in most cases, passes.

There has been little in my life that has made as much of an impact as learning to be content with my life, where I am, what I’m doing, what I have, who I’m
with and most importantly, who I am.

Let me share with you the changes I have experienced:

With learning to be content; I learned to be happy with healthier food, my health
improved and waistline shrunk. I relied on a good book, spending more time with my loved ones. In this case, my family and close friends, and to be happier with who I was and what I was doing, and you can imagine, I no longer needed self-improvement books or programs. I needed no new tools or systems.

I became completely happy with myself; with those around me, and with what I had- and I did not feel the need to strive to change everything. Letting go of certain wants helped me to simplify things, that meant I had less to worry about, less to do. I’m no longer in a place where I seek validation or confirmation, I knew and still know that I am worthy.

That was only the beginning, there is no way to account for the tremendous change that happens when you learn to accept who you are, when you tell yourself you are perfect just as you are, when you love yourself and everything about yourself.

Written by Jolene Tshakane.



Creativity is something that comes naturally to us from an early age, growing up we used our imagination to create worlds beyond what we see. This creative on the move takes us back to our formative years with his creations of collectable art toys, we’re talking about the talented Taki Mokoka, an illustrator and art toy designer.

“A friend of mine inspired me into making the toy artworks, he saw my paintings one time and said that I should start making toys and that’s where it began for me. I am really good at creating characters from scratch. All of the figurines are made from waste material then I hand craft everything myself. I would encourage up and coming artists to make sure your art is true to you, I’ve always loved anime sohaving to make art toys was natural to me. Stay consistent in your craft is very important. Never give up hope and always believe in yourself” – Taki Mokoka

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