Beautiful Imperfections.


Beautiful Imperfections I


I know your flaws and errors

You are rough, vulgar

And don’t like sleeping alone

You are insecure when it matters

And even though you say I’m great

I feel you deserve better

And the first time we made love

It became evident

I’m now a resident

Trapped in your hearts abode


Started with a text from someone who shouldn’t have noticed me

And a response she should have never received

A few pictures back and forth,

Some clothes on, some clothes off

Plans of toes in the sand

You and I holding hands

But even though we knew we weren’t meant to be

We refuse to understand


Where there is smoke, there’s fire

So let’s seek flames the flames our sparks created

And burn in the hell made from our sins

Live in the prison we created when we decided to fall while we belonged to others

Like fallen angels, you clipped your wings and made yourself a harlot

And I bear my soul to you instead of she who stood by me through a lot


We love after hours

Take secret showers

Feed off of cooked up lies we tell them to convince them that we are faithful

When I doubt the viability of our actions

You tell me it would be justified if she were more grateful

And when you wonder if we should continue

I pull your pants down and remind you size matters

And you recommit to our promises of temporary forevers


Subconsciously we both know what we doing is wrong

But right now we can’t spell the word adultery

It no longer registers in our vocabulary

We’re too busy with delusions of marriage,

future plans and making a baby…


To be continued…

– Jaded Words



Vows taken, vows broken

He smelt like summer rain and coffee stains to my art

His skin, a rare view of god walking the earth

Only he were not mine

Only he were not mine, yet

Mine touched me and I wished it was him

Mine held me and I wished it were him

I have found an antidote to sedate my raging wolf

If only it belonged to me


You touch my face, when he touched my soul

Without putting his hands on me

He served me swords with his words

Swords I used to stab us apart


You ask me what you can do to make it better

Tell me he will never leave his wife for another

Tell me you’re the only champion I afford

I watch you cry at the bottom of our staircase

Questioning where we went wrong

Between your ‘business trips’ and dinner meetings

My artistic nature was far too inconveniencing for you

I call our bed a canvas for our love art

You call it a bed and tell me to be less, what was it?

Less weird . . .

Called me too grown to be speaking in metaphors


Text messages

Homemade videos

Long phone calls

While you were on the phone with Toronto

Forgetting you had a wife to get to


Vows taken, vows broken

He filled voids beyond the physical

You kiss me, I kiss him

You touch me, I wish it is him

I am found, I have found

He isn’t you

– Maira Wolfe