The Contented Life.

Contented Life.jpg

“He who is contented is rich”- Lao Tzu

I grew up with a desire to feel content in my life. I think it is very normal; knowing that you are whole, and everything is on point. I’ve learned ways to reach that feeling, to be in a state of ease, believing that every situation I am bound to be involved in can be overcome and in most cases, passes.

There has been little in my life that has made as much of an impact as learning to be content with my life, where I am, what I’m doing, what I have, who I’m
with and most importantly, who I am.

Let me share with you the changes I have experienced:

With learning to be content; I learned to be happy with healthier food, my health
improved and waistline shrunk. I relied on a good book, spending more time with my loved ones. In this case, my family and close friends, and to be happier with who I was and what I was doing, and you can imagine, I no longer needed self-improvement books or programs. I needed no new tools or systems.

I became completely happy with myself; with those around me, and with what I had- and I did not feel the need to strive to change everything. Letting go of certain wants helped me to simplify things, that meant I had less to worry about, less to do. I’m no longer in a place where I seek validation or confirmation, I knew and still know that I am worthy.

That was only the beginning, there is no way to account for the tremendous change that happens when you learn to accept who you are, when you tell yourself you are perfect just as you are, when you love yourself and everything about yourself.

Written by Jolene Tshakane.