A gripping story of love, loss and life in “Luna Words Vol. 1: Beautiful Imperfections” by Maira Wolfe and Jade Novelist #ArtizenReview


Luna Words Vol. 1: Beautiful Imperfections, the emotionally charged offering by Maira Wolfe and Jade Novelist will have you zoned in from page to page.

The book is composed of a series of poetry and a short story that unfolds a tale of two passionate lovers who yearn to be together but cannot.

This skillfuly worded and perfectly moulded fiction explores themes of love, infidelity, desire and morality that resonates with many unconventional love affairs. The book expresses the intense feelings of desire and complexities of the conflicts that arise from such love affairs.

The book engages the reader with a lyrical delivery of the story and equally captivating visuals.

It is a definite must read and an artwork in all it’s entirety. Maira Wolfe and Jade Novelist delivered a well penned book, that has brought a fresh take on fiction in the literary world.

Download -> Luna Words Vol. 1: Beautiful Imperfections.