Beautiful Imperfections.


Beautiful Imperfections I


I know your flaws and errors

You are rough, vulgar

And don’t like sleeping alone

You are insecure when it matters

And even though you say I’m great

I feel you deserve better

And the first time we made love

It became evident

I’m now a resident

Trapped in your hearts abode


Started with a text from someone who shouldn’t have noticed me

And a response she should have never received

A few pictures back and forth,

Some clothes on, some clothes off

Plans of toes in the sand

You and I holding hands

But even though we knew we weren’t meant to be

We refuse to understand


Where there is smoke, there’s fire

So let’s seek flames the flames our sparks created

And burn in the hell made from our sins

Live in the prison we created when we decided to fall while we belonged to others

Like fallen angels, you clipped your wings and made yourself a harlot

And I bear my soul to you instead of she who stood by me through a lot


We love after hours

Take secret showers

Feed off of cooked up lies we tell them to convince them that we are faithful

When I doubt the viability of our actions

You tell me it would be justified if she were more grateful

And when you wonder if we should continue

I pull your pants down and remind you size matters

And you recommit to our promises of temporary forevers


Subconsciously we both know what we doing is wrong

But right now we can’t spell the word adultery

It no longer registers in our vocabulary

We’re too busy with delusions of marriage,

future plans and making a baby…


To be continued…

– Jaded Words



Vows taken, vows broken

He smelt like summer rain and coffee stains to my art

His skin, a rare view of god walking the earth

Only he were not mine

Only he were not mine, yet

Mine touched me and I wished it was him

Mine held me and I wished it were him

I have found an antidote to sedate my raging wolf

If only it belonged to me


You touch my face, when he touched my soul

Without putting his hands on me

He served me swords with his words

Swords I used to stab us apart


You ask me what you can do to make it better

Tell me he will never leave his wife for another

Tell me you’re the only champion I afford

I watch you cry at the bottom of our staircase

Questioning where we went wrong

Between your ‘business trips’ and dinner meetings

My artistic nature was far too inconveniencing for you

I call our bed a canvas for our love art

You call it a bed and tell me to be less, what was it?

Less weird . . .

Called me too grown to be speaking in metaphors


Text messages

Homemade videos

Long phone calls

While you were on the phone with Toronto

Forgetting you had a wife to get to


Vows taken, vows broken

He filled voids beyond the physical

You kiss me, I kiss him

You touch me, I wish it is him

I am found, I have found

He isn’t you

– Maira Wolfe



S-Frequency home set up.

DJ and Producer S-Frequency  is undoubtedly mixing his way up and ready to transform the music Industry. His undying passion and discipline in his craft is inspiring. He shares with us what keeps him a creative on the move.

“I fell in love with music in 2004 listening to different DJ compilations of Mzansi DJ’s. A lot of vibey venues in Joburg inspired me to DJ and having to see a crowd dance to your music is motivating for me. I define myself as a mixologist. When you DJ you get to realize that you’re not only in control of people’s music, but in control of their emotions subconsciously. I would advise young up and coming Producers and DJ’s to have real passion for what they do, and to always stay motivated and disciplined.” – S-Frequency

Follow S-Frequency on:

Facebook: Siyanda S-Frequency Sangweni

Soundcloud: S-Frequency

Untold Secrets.


I recently came across the most disturbing thing in my life, and when I refer to my life I am basically talking about my family life. Untold secrets.

You know how you would meet new people almost every day? Recently I just met this guy through a friend. What we had in common was that we listen to the same music, and this helps us to get along so well. In the process of getting to know each other, I got to know that he actually has been stalking me all along. I really had no idea that he has been following me behind.

Before knowing that, we once went out for a luncheon, around town. As we were having our conversation, I got to realise that he knows a lot about my family that I actually don’t. He started talking about some of the things that I have no idea about.

Most of them I really cannot disclose them, I feel like they are family matters. But what I have noticed is that, if I were to disclose them to my family, they could perhaps divide us, deter our relationship as a family and freeze the development on each one of us. There’s no question that family secrets are destructive, but it matters mightily when and how you reveal them, I tried to resist the temptation to handle them at transition times. In my own experience, however, has shown me that telling secrets in the wrong way or at the wrong time can be remarkably painful and hurtful.

The questions we need to concern ourselves with are, how do I tell a secret without hurting anyone? How do I know that the time is right? I have learned the answers as I’ve witnessed-sometimes with terror, more often with joy, and always with deep respect-families making the courageous journey from secrecy to openness.

I got to learn that secrets are kept or opened for many complex motives, from self-serving abuses of power to altruistic protection of others. Understanding the best ways and situations in which to reveal a family secret can help you decide when and how to do so.

Secrets sabotage, although we encounter secrets in every area of life, they are perhaps most destructive when kept in the home. Families are our support systems, our identity and ability to form close relationships with others depend upon the trust and communication we feel with loved ones. If family members keep secrets from each other or from the outside world, the emotional fallout can last a lifetime.

Written by Jolene Tshakane.

M Studio at Ornico City Launch.


M Studio Community is back in Joburg and already making a splash in the art scene once again. This community of  dynamic visual arts, performing arts, music and poetry was from the 24th of February to the 26th at Ornico City Launch “Bridges that Connect US” auction and exhibition.

M Studio Community’s Dawn Sarah McGee curated the “Bridges that Connect Us” exhibition, with Nantu Phalatsi of Tshidzo Art under her mentorship. Tshidzo Art is an art company whose mission is to use their skills, resources and networks to help artist build long lasting careers in their area of gifting. The exhibition featured renowned fine artists, Mbongeni Buthelezi. Tshidzo Mangena, Solomon Omolayo Omogboye, Azael Langa, Ndabuko Jukulani Ntuli, Michael Selekane, Johnny Guavo, Dario Manjate, Nkhensani Rihlampfu, and Florian Willfort.

The Old Natal Bank Building, now home to Ornico Media was transformed into an art space for the auction and exhibition. The underground floor was a maze of artworks to explore, each room was filled with a fusion of contemporary artworks while M Studio performing artists and poets gave live performances as the audience walked through. Malvern Primary school learners graced the stage with a dance routine and a Jazz band performance lead by saxophone tenor, Lehlogonolo Ntsoko to close off the evening.

The opening evening was a success with M Studio auctioning off six artworks. M Studio Community is on the 2nd floor of August House on 76 End street. Be sure to pop in for more gripping visual arts.

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Tam live at New Melody, Joburg Theatre.


Tam performing Mystery Man.

Tam rocked the stage last night at New Melody  at the Joburg Theatre, after having topped the #AfroBox poll on Vow FM.

The program aims to create a platform for new artists that don’t have access to mainstream radio, television or PR. Partnering with Voice of Wits FM, the event seeks to build a platform that will become the go-to spot for the hottest unknown artists. Not only does this become a place for music lovers but also a scouting ground for labels, managers, clients and endorsement.

Follow Tam’s music on:

Watch Video Tam live at New Melody, Joburg Theatre

HHC Awards 2016/17.


#HHCA2016 #ArtizensInBGF

Artizens of Joburg hit the road and traveled 355 km out of Gauteng to Limpopo, Burgersfort to come and witness fellow Creatives on The Move pioneering in the art world. We went out to the Hip Hop Cares Awards 2016, an award ceremony aimed at awarding young hip hop artists in their community. The awards set out to encourage young artists to keep striving, working hard and achieving their dreams. They serve to remind them that if they can win on a communal scale the world is theirs to conquer. The awards are not only a means to celebrate but they are a tool to give back to the community as a donation drive is always central to the event.

The winners of the Hip Hop Cares Awards 2016/17 were:

Rookie The Year
Immo – Dab in a h*e

Best Female
Pearly Hooks – Window

Best Male
Fess – God for us all

Infinite Lyricist
Nose – January Freestyle

Producer of the year
King Obbs

Best Collabo
Nose ft Tebatso – Mapelo oja serati

Song of the year
Turm – Erakile

We can’t wait to see the foundation expand its wings of comfort through the country.

Watch video -> Hip Hop Cares Awards 2016/17!