What does death mean to you?


I disagree with the oxford dictionary which defines death as the end of life, yes at the physical level our bodies decompose to reunite with the universe. However, I find it limiting to our development and our overall human experience to see it in this way. We should not forget that our character never seizes to exist.

It lives in the heart of men, influencing how they see and interact with the world. Death should be one of the moments where we celebrate the deceased because they ‘leave us’ with a piece of their soul that gives us lifelong lessons that we don’t necessarily have to experience. This framework is not ignorant to the evils that we find in the world, but rather reminds us of the beauty that comes with life.

The ancient Yoruba people of Nigeria remind us of this beauty through their wooden figures which are humanistic to the core. That which has ‘Ewa’ never dies, it blesses men with strength to endure, wisdom to see the invisible and a character that brings law and order in society.

Yes, death might exist in the physical sense but we should remember that death only enters our lives when we stop moving forward and claiming our dreams.

Written by Lehlogonolo Modise.