Red Lights by Turm.

Turm RedLights-2.jpg

This prolific narrative song by Turm follows the stories of three people, experiencing different hardships in life and explores how they may be victims of circumstances.

Turm sums up everything by connecting these people through hook. The hook expresses the idea of being stagnant (a lack of progress, motion). This song is a metaphor that opens up interesting topics through characters who see life differently, according to how reality presents itself to them. Following the story of a woman who is a single parent, and a young man trapped in a cycle of drug use and criminal activity.

In this song Turm expresses a pain in having to watch people around his neighbourhood get caught in a vicious cycle and that for him sparks the hunger for a better future.

Download Turm – Red Lights (prod by Turm).

Written by Meshack Shabba Mohlala.


Nonsensical Storytelling.


By Jus_luc

The stories we hear while growing up shape how we see and interact with the world. Stories educate, embody moral values, record human histories and provide us with various forms of entertainment. One of the things all cultures have in common is storytelling. The medium a story is delivered in, is where cultures tend to differ. In some African tribes a man and woman were not allowed to marry until they could tell more than a thousand stories. As powerful as storytelling is we find that sometimes stories are packed with stereotypes, prejudice and hatred, which are all limiting to the human experience.

We live in a ‘world’ of plurality where nothing is absolute. To start with no one really knows where we are, or who we are. Our identities are only derived from the things we have done in the past which led to our present states of being. We know what we are by identifying what we are not. This is what I call evolution, I don’t know where I am but relativity relieves my anxiety by locating me in space and providing me with narratives and shadows to follow. This however, is no longer sufficient of me since it traps me in the past ‘memory’.

I want to be in the present moment in this state everything becomes synchronized with my desires. Presenting me with the gift to control time and even bend space to cultivate my development to the highest degree in that particular moment. Opportunities are infinitely the way the world unfolds, it belongs to those who are willing to pay attention resulting and formation of stories. This may seem nonsensical but if we interact with the world in the physical form. Our creative energies tend to be reduced drastically. Stories are created through an alchemical process, the people they attract depends on the attention we pay as creative. Outside the barriers of stories it is difficult to reach REASON. Since there is no meaning outside our constructed reality.

Written by Lehlogonolo Modise.

Sacrificing for love.


When the words love and sacrifice pop up in the same sentence, it’s hard not to think back to a certain Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio flick, yes Titanic! Who can forget that image of Jack and Rose clinging to each other in the icy waters near the sinking ship? Well… Jack ultimately gave his life so that Rose could stay afloat on a flimsy board and eventually be rescued.

When you love someone and you have their best interest at heart, you may be willing to sacrifice what you want in order to give to your loved one. Close relationships require sacrifice. In fact, many people include sacrifice in the definition of what it means to truly love another person. Research has shown that couples are happier and more likely to remain in their relationships if the partners are willing to sacrifice for each other. Sometimes that sacrifice can be life changing for the other party, such as changing provinces in order to be with your partner, other times it might be something small and seemingly mundane, such as seeing an action movie instead of the comedy you would have chosen.

Although sacrifice may be inevitable, when it is time to actually make a sacrifice it’s not always easy. I often find myself weighing the need to be true to myself against the notion of sacrifice, I mean why should I be the one giving up what I want? However I want to do what it takes to make my relationship work, I mean, if this is important to him, I should be supportive and willing to sacrifice, right?

I, myself have sacrificed in my past relationships. I was doing it for the love I had for him, and It made me feel good. I always wanted him to be happy.

Although sacrificing to make a partner happy can be a good thing, it can be trouble if you find yourself constantly sacrificing out of a desire to be the “good” partner and satisfy your partner at the cost of your own happiness.

But I eventually saw that I was the one who made sacrifices more than him. From that point I started threading with more caution. Sacrifice should be two-sided. It is important to question whether your partner has shown the same degree of commitment. Relationships require sacrifice, but we shouldn’t give up or give in without thinking it through, make sure you are sacrificing for the right reasons, the right kind of sacrifice can bring people together, but sacrificing for the wrong reasons may be worse than no sacrifice at all.

Written by Jolene Tshakane.