La Voyage by BlaqnWhyte Pictures.


Levoy ‘Veli’ Dlamini, well known as Paragon Art, is a 23 year old Fine Artist from Soweto, whose life, from birth has been largely influenced by his surroundings and for him it is the reflective nature of his lifestyle that make the concepts behind his art more profound.

La Voyage is a short documentary that gives us a glimpse into the lifestyle and shows us the endeavours one goes through in the pursuit of perfecting their craft. In this film we follow the journey of an artist coming from humble beginnings, who overcomes obstacles in order to break through into the industry.

“His portraits didn’t just become portraits…they became portraits of the type of people he can relate to as an artist…based on what he’s aspiring to be” – Thabiso Phosa

“I think our circle…were the first to see that type of development of an artist.” –Ofentse Seshabela

Words received from close friends and fellow colleagues of Levoy as they describe their first experience/s of Mr Paragon Art. The story also reflects a first time experience for the artist at the Grahamstown Art Festival 2016, which can be described as a captivating moment of enjoyment.

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