Disseminating Knowledge.


By Jus_luc

The mere fact that we are living in an age where information flows in society an unprecedented rate should be a golden key to spreading knowledge, but in most cases this is not true in various degrees. Reason being the internet itself requires certain tools and skills to navigate the vast space of information. This leads one to arrive at a type of information which is not biased, and the subject in itself has being studied extensively by experts in the field. A perfect analogue to the idea I have introduced above is a ‘captain of ship or plane’.

The captain has to bring certain skills, tools, life experiences and human resources to be able to move from point A to B. But to only attribute the internet as the main challenge to the spreading of knowledge would be limiting and flawed. One has to also consider other elements involved such as, the different ideologies that we are born into. Which in themselves carry certain types of histories, memories and pressures. Resulting in the formation of the self and the other. From a social psychologist perspective, the moment one starts identifying with a group, an outer group is formed in the process. Resulting in the manifestation of stereotypes, prejudice and attitudes that limit interaction in various degrees.

Interaction is at the core of disseminating knowledge. In the process of interaction, there has to be a common language between the source of information and the receiver. Examples of sources include a mobile phone, tablet, computer, the internet and people. Regardless at the core from my perspective, meaningful interaction is key to disseminating of knowledge.  

Written by Lehlogonolo Modise