Reflections of Me.


Appreciate yourself.

Women’s perceptions of themselves and how they manage their self-identity is often conflicted for a multitude of reasons, and the media often takes the blame, and perhaps for a good reason. I think media has played a crucial role into why women often have distorted perceptions of themselves and that’s not only just through magazines and all movies we are exposed in our adolescence years, but it is well ingrained through our childhoods too.

This got me to a place of critical thought regarding “being you” versus “being happy”. It is hard when I point out the things I dislike about myself. These thoughts often run unconsciously and turns to self-hatred often leads to feeling embarrassed of oneself when pitted against societal standards.

Why should I feel like this? Who told me that having this chin was wrong, and having broad shoulders looks horrible? Of course, there is never one singular person to blame for public opinion so we often blame ourselves. That can be true, since we are responsible for our own lives and our own choices, but if one wants to ‘change’, how does one change for the betterment of society?

You don’t, if you want to ‘change’, you need to want to ‘change’ for yourself.
Changing your own thought patterns, appreciating yourself and how you are, there is only one of you and there will only ever be one of you. You are an individual. Once you overcome the notion that society won’t change yourself for you and stop comparing yourself to other women who are prettier or perhaps have longer hair and perfect eyebrows you gain little more freedom in your mind.

To be able to appreciate yourself you need to be happy with who you are. Worrying less about what you’re not and carring more about who you are will have a positive impact not only on your self-esteem but your life in general.

You are born into this world as beautiful as any other can be. All you have to do is see. See yourself, see yourself beyond and above all that this world can be.

Written by Jeanette Tshakane

Photography by Bellah Mohitlhi

Internal Motivation.

internal motivation.jpg

Motivate Yourself.


Clap For Yourself.


Mold Yourself.

To wish that you were someone else, is to waste the person that you are. Everyone is different and perfect as they are, yet we constantly compare ourselves to others. I would encourage all of us to truly embrace our own character and validate ourselves.

Lately I’ve been holding back in doing things that I enjoy doing, like writing. I sometimes think I have run out of words, but something has been holding me back. I have been saying that I need some inspiration or perhaps some motivation, forgetting that I can actually be my own motivation and do all that I Intend to do. I recently felt the need and embraced the importance of positivity and taking time to introspect, especially now that I am on school recess. Being home has been introspective and brought me a lot of Ideas and positive energy. I think it is vital to cultivate this at all costs. In this way I got to realize the qualities that I possess that others do not.

We all came into this world with a blueprint & each person’s greatly differs. We all need to do the things we love to the best of our abilities. Once you know your potential, you are on your way to greatness. Mold yourself to your own standard. Motive yourself. Learn to clap for yourself before the world knows how to do so.

Written by Jeanette Tshakane

Visual Awakening | Screen your imagination.


The first Film Screening event hosted by Artizens of Joburg and IMSurreal Live showcasing the work of emerging Filmmakers around Gauteng.

This screening aims to provide a platform and an opportunity for aspiring filmmakers to network, collaborate and grow within their craft.

M Studio Community
2nd Floor (203)
August House
76 End St. Doornfontein

(No RSVP – A cover fee of R20 will be charged at entrance).

Woke Arts #WokeLounge.


The Firehouse Gallery in Judith’s Paarl hosted yet another successful Woke Arts gathering, #WokeLounge on the 25th of June 2017 was a Youtopia that followed the first ever Woke Arts’ gathering in Joburg.


Thuto Gaasenwe

The entrance stairway led to a sky lit ceiling hall that held talent in greater forces. The lounge made for a homey feeling, the feeling of an extremely large and popping family reunion.

As expected, the show was a composition of nothing short of perfection and greatness from beginning to end. Prior to commencement, we got treated to sound checks that to the ear felt like a preview of the line up set to grace us. The women of Woke showed strength in numbers and their uncontainable power and majesty, the poetry session was made up of black sisters who held nothing back, individuals who left the last of their souls on stage, with Thuto Gaasenwe having left many of us in tears and Woke Arts’ very own; Leago Mamabolo’s return.

The vendor’s section right next to the lounge exhibited illustrations from Milk Fam’s Mr. High Art and Manxeezy who was also among the night’s performers, and a series of Greek Gods by NotDarren. They say the soul is what feeds the body and those two fed our heart with their performances. From MXMNTS and Francis Jay who had us in the palm of their hands and Mojeaux who took us to an Epignosis Party, and Khutšo who brought the highest vibrations.

When Woke Art says love is the highest vibration, the statement bears nothing but unfiltered truths, and the supporters of every Woke Arts event know the level of love and light that leaves with them every night of the every show.


Maira Wolfe

The movement continues its tour with another first of its kind in the Mother City for #WokeKaap, expressing once more the intention of a movement, and widening its platform for African artists.





Written by  Maira Wolfe

Watch Video -> Woke Arts #WokeLounge

The Motivational Club.


Nolithando & Mike 

The Motivational Club is a publishing company that publishes books, ranging from spiritual, motivational, fiction and non-fiction. They also host personal development programs, in the form of seminars as well as coaching and helping individuals to reach their goals.

“The name came with an intent to create a network whereby platforms are given to different authors, speakers and organisations thriving toward empowering not only the community, but also the African nation as a whole. From our operation in 2015 June, the company was able to publish Mike Shamba’s book, Nuggets For Life upon which a successful marketing strategy was planned out for we were able to sell more than 5000 copies and making me a Congolese best selling author, from there on the company was able to publish other 4 more authors as well as running continuous personal development seminars.” – Mike Shamba

Follow The Motivational Club on:

Facebook: The Motivational Club (Pty) Ltd

AOJ on Touch HD.


Slabsta, Kea, Rorisang & Arye

We had the chance to be featured on The Millenial watch with Rorisang Thandekiso and Arye Kellman on Touch HD Online.

Kea and Slabsta talk all things #CreativesOnTheMove

Watch Video – > AOJ on Touch HD