The Motivational Club.


Nolithando & Mike 

The Motivational Club is a publishing company that publishes books, ranging from spiritual, motivational, fiction and non-fiction. They also host personal development programs, in the form of seminars as well as coaching and helping individuals to reach their goals.

“The name came with an intent to create a network whereby platforms are given to different authors, speakers and organisations thriving toward empowering not only the community, but also the African nation as a whole. From our operation in 2015 June, the company was able to publish Mike Shamba’s book, Nuggets For Life upon which a successful marketing strategy was planned out for we were able to sell more than 5000 copies and making me a Congolese best selling author, from there on the company was able to publish other 4 more authors as well as running continuous personal development seminars.” – Mike Shamba

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