Woke Arts #WokeLounge.


The Firehouse Gallery in Judith’s Paarl hosted yet another successful Woke Arts gathering, #WokeLounge on the 25th of June 2017 was a Youtopia that followed the first ever Woke Arts’ gathering in Joburg.


Thuto Gaasenwe

The entrance stairway led to a sky lit ceiling hall that held talent in greater forces. The lounge made for a homey feeling, the feeling of an extremely large and popping family reunion.

As expected, the show was a composition of nothing short of perfection and greatness from beginning to end. Prior to commencement, we got treated to sound checks that to the ear felt like a preview of the line up set to grace us. The women of Woke showed strength in numbers and their uncontainable power and majesty, the poetry session was made up of black sisters who held nothing back, individuals who left the last of their souls on stage, with Thuto Gaasenwe having left many of us in tears and Woke Arts’ very own; Leago Mamabolo’s return.

The vendor’s section right next to the lounge exhibited illustrations from Milk Fam’s Mr. High Art and Manxeezy who was also among the night’s performers, and a series of Greek Gods by NotDarren. They say the soul is what feeds the body and those two fed our heart with their performances. From MXMNTS and Francis Jay who had us in the palm of their hands and Mojeaux who took us to an Epignosis Party, and Khutšo who brought the highest vibrations.

When Woke Art says love is the highest vibration, the statement bears nothing but unfiltered truths, and the supporters of every Woke Arts event know the level of love and light that leaves with them every night of the every show.


Maira Wolfe

The movement continues its tour with another first of its kind in the Mother City for #WokeKaap, expressing once more the intention of a movement, and widening its platform for African artists.





Written by  Maira Wolfe

Watch Video -> Woke Arts #WokeLounge