Internal Motivation.

internal motivation.jpg

Motivate Yourself.


Clap For Yourself.


Mold Yourself.

To wish that you were someone else, is to waste the person that you are. Everyone is different and perfect as they are, yet we constantly compare ourselves to others. I would encourage all of us to truly embrace our own character and validate ourselves.

Lately I’ve been holding back in doing things that I enjoy doing, like writing. I sometimes think I have run out of words, but something has been holding me back. I have been saying that I need some inspiration or perhaps some motivation, forgetting that I can actually be my own motivation and do all that I Intend to do. I recently felt the need and embraced the importance of positivity and taking time to introspect, especially now that I am on school recess. Being home has been introspective and brought me a lot of Ideas and positive energy. I think it is vital to cultivate this at all costs. In this way I got to realize the qualities that I possess that others do not.

We all came into this world with a blueprint & each person’s greatly differs. We all need to do the things we love to the best of our abilities. Once you know your potential, you are on your way to greatness. Mold yourself to your own standard. Motive yourself. Learn to clap for yourself before the world knows how to do so.

Written by Jeanette Tshakane