Sizwe Mbokazi also known as J.Eson is an emerging Hip hop artist from Nongoma (Kwa-Zulu Natal), he gets to tell us about how his journey has been being an “unknown artist” and how his writing skills has shaped up his life and music career.

Being an unknown artist:

“I would say it’s not a difficult thing to be an unknown artist if I trust my artistry, so far I can’t say I’m an unknown artist looking at the work I’ve released to the public. There is a lot of work I haven’t released yet of which is a challenge I have to win.

Being a full-time student and an independent artist has been a great challenge, while trying to focus on my artistry I came to a decision that I’d rather struggle for my creativity and the love I have for this industry, so I’m not really unknown, I just have to show myself to the people”.

 Writing skills:

“My writing skills have been helping me since high school where I started writing rhymes. In Grade 9 I became a better person that every time I felt like expressing my imagination I’d just jot them down and that’s how I lived in my hometown.

When I moved to a college, I got exposed to a lot of international and urban artists I got motivated a lot and I kept writing continuously till I saw that I can actually do better. I’ve been getting compliments about my songs and writing skills but I just wanted more than that, to live the life of being an artistic person who can’t lose creativity. It’s a life I enjoy, it’s a habit that I want to have as I age”.



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