Lajema Kreative Company.


Lajema Kreative is a creative collaborative company founded in 2017 by Sylvester Thamsanqa Majela. The aim of the company is focused on collaborating with artists and creating creative and innovative works. Their currently running ALL4ONE project is aimed at uniting independent artist to create and showcase, perform their works. We got to catch up with the founder Sylvester Majela to find out what the Company has in store for the creative industry. 

“Lajema Kreative Company is purely inspired by the notions of creativity and innovation, it was inspired by the fact that there are not so many independent artists or works being exhibited or put on mainstream media, yet there are many great works which are probably even better than what we see on the mainstream platforms.

As a dancer, I’m personally motivated by movement, by this I mean the movement of life: how people are coordinated when walking in the streets to the movement of a simple animal and how it adapts. One has to learn to embody everything as a dancer, movement and emotions. Lajema Kreative is unique in the sense that it sought to show creativity, and it’s belief is that creativity is something so special, that can change ones perception about the normality.

I’ve currently been working on a duet in collaboration with Afro Urban Junxion Dance Company based in Durban and collaborating with Independant artists around Johannesburg later this year. I’m working on a solo work inspired by a dance film called A Last One in Color, which was shot in Vienna in collaboration with Viennese artists.

My motivation to upcoming dancers and choreographers that, in order to grow and understand the industry, collaborate and create works. We forget that we are given a talent and skills to make things. Even great artist take risks and practice, let us take risks. South African artists tend to be selfish with their works and skills, lack of sharing only sets us back in the development of the arts in South Africa. Mostly, never wait for something to happen, DO IT!”

– Sylvester Thamsanqa Majela.



Photography by  Joe Schroecker.

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