Koaho EuphoriaHeart is a digital artist and blogger who defines himself as an expressionist. His style of art is inspired by the feminist movement which gives voice to the movement in a male dominated art industry. This creative on the move is definitely one to watch out for in the didgital art space, here’s more on his work and upcoming projects.

“I’m inspired by the femenist movement that strengthens the female voice.

My Style of design is very different bacuse it combines different art strategies. My art is very specific to female figures and issues surrounding womens rights. I see my art as more of a movement than just a mere expression.

I’m currently working on an e-book that combines art abd poetry which I plan to release sometime around June this year. I’m also currently partnering with a few brands such as #KeAJumpisa by Prince Kaybee, Milk Clothing by Brains Mohapi, EuphoriaHeart and SkinnyGenesTV.

I’d encourage upcoming artists in the digital space to never stop learning. Visit as maby galleries as possible, treat your work like a baby, nurture it each chance you get and be open to teaching the next artist so we can have a better industry.” – EuphoriaHeart.


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