Vanity of Man.


Vanity Of Man is an artist who shares his love and passion for creating art through music, the written word and any medium that allows for genuine expression. This creative on the move captivated us with his fusion of hip hop and jazz sound in his latest offering Nubian. Here’s more on what inspires the young creative.

“What I do through my craft is share my own emotions, the tales of my day-to-day trials and tribulations, and give insight into the life of a young black creative.Besides the normal motives such as my personal life and past events, I’m greatly inspired by the beauty in the perfection of craft, or at least the endless pursuit of perfection. Through any discipline, be it sports, music, film, architecture, literature etc. Anyone who is able to maximize their potential and constantly raise their ceiling inspires me to never settle in regards to the work that I do.

What makes the way I express myself artistically unique is that I’m addicted to portraying captivating narrative, which is unfortunately becoming more niche if you look at it through the lens of mainstream music. You turn on the television or the radio and you see, hear the same thing over and over again. I choose to express myself differently by always placing emphasise on a feeling or a message, be it my own or another person’s, as long as I’m being true to myself and the music that I make.

I guess by not being too fixated on how other artists approach their music and trends, I think I could be a part of the renaissance of good music and the rise of more talented creatives, not just the appreciation of popular ones.

My latest work includes my recently released a joint tape with Johnny Wxlf titled “Mmmmm? Swayze” (Which you can find on any of my social network handles) Honestly speaking I have quite a bit of work in the safe but I’m aiming to release a solo mixtape in the next 2-3 months, another solo EP later in the year around September titled “Nubian Goddess 2003” and perhaps another joint tape in the middle of those solo projects.

So if you’re a Vanity Of Man supporter, there’s going to be a lot of work coming your way and if you’re not there will be more than enough content to turn you into a believer. I’ll also be releasing visual content throughout the year in partnership with Featherweightent. Each one of the projects I’ll be dropping are all different and are all a mini-universe in their own right. I’m just extremely excited to finally share this work with everyone so just keep your eyes, ears and heart open.

I encourage all upcoming artists take themselves as seriously as you want other people to. Truly be about your music or craft, let it be a part of your daily life so there can be no questions about what it is you do and your commitment to it. Even in uncertainty be bold when it comes to your art, be proud and trust in your content and the process that accompanies it. Then your work will never fail you.

Lastly stop seeing yourself as an outsider trying to enter the “industry” when if you look around, you’ll find that you are your own industry because you have your own network of photographers, producers, artists creatives and promoters that you frequently collaborate with. Never take those connections for granted, you can always find the tools to create, just make sure you do as much as you can with the means available, and turn your passion into a career by monetizing your art. Perhaps you could help create the new “500 Club” like Basquiat did.”


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