The Model Next Door.


Lehlohonolo Ramathe better known as the model next door is a 22 year old model currently working under Boss Models Johannesburg. This well sculpted Creative On The Move always lets his work speak for him through the excellent work on his editorials which are always aesthetically pleasing.

“I see modeling as a creative art and a way for me to express myself through images in a creative way. There were various people who inspired me to become a model, Yannick Konan, Paul Zirhumana, Toyin and many more these are just a few people that I look up and draw inspiration from their work or the energy that they bring into my life.

I believe that every single human being is unique from the next until a form of comparison starts thats when you loose your uniqueness. For me I would say my look, my dying passion and always striving for more within the modeling industry gives me my edge.
I am currently busy with some new work with Fucking young Magazine its a European magazine, I’m also working with a local magazine called Ilaph’lam magazine. The next step for me as a model would be to sign with a Cape town agency and a London based agency.

I’d encourage aspiring models to never ever compare themselves to other models you are unique and to always do it with passion or dont do it at all.” Lehlogonolo Ramathe



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Turm – Choma (Flexin’) Feat. Slabsta Lyrics.


(Verse 1) Turm

Catch me flexing with my clique
Swenking steez on fleek
Ke dletse di shorts
Style se top, mala a tletse skop
Swenka non-stop
Ntwana ke skimme dinatla
Le di beer di satla
Full house, boy Ke swere mapyatla
Faka sound, baseline ya phyatla
A ka tlela di drama
Le go kama ga ka kama
I’m way too old go zama go charmer
Ke fo tsena molong ka pyjama
Little bro was jamming to this with the reject dance
I look at the mommies I be like “that’s the reactance”
I also see ZAR – navigating Mandela
Czar where you at? Ra ba swenkela


When you see me in the street
When you see me with my chick
When I’m rocking SeFosh
I’m oucthea looking like a boss
When you see me with my chick
When you see me in the street
When you see me in the hood
And you know I’m looking good

(Verse 2) Slabsta

Re tlago swenkela bafana skare tempela
Why o busy o sleep walker o ware welawela
If you step on my shoes ke tlago gatelela
Coz when I step in the scene o tlantebelela
O tlantebelela
If you might think I’m rude call a dokotela
I’m feeling all blue on Monday
Feeling all busy on a Tuesday
Bootylicious on a Wedneday
We phuza till you drop on a Thursday
We pop bottles on a Friday
Then we take it to the crib on a Saturday
Blessings on blessings on a Sunday
Then we do it all again back to Monday

(Verse 3) Turm

Puns and syllables causing monumental collisions
Attainment incapacitating atelophobic conditions
I’m an Adonia – the dawn of demolishing donations
I’m so famished, I’m finna devour the “doe nations”
Ke sekgowa papao
Ra se Loma papao
So slick, vocab so big Mara re stele ge re tsena dindao


When you see me in the street
When you see me with my chick
When I’m rocking SeFosh
I’m oucthea looking like a boss
When you see me with my chick
When you see me in the street
When you see me in the hood
And you know I’m looking good

Written by Turm And Slabsta

Download ->Turm – Choma (Flexn’) Feat. Slabsta (Prod by Turm)

A new “Season”.


Season is a Nigerian born Afro/Hip-Hop musician currently working his way up and making waves in the South African music industry. This creative on the move highlights the power of african artists and their unique ability to fuse and mix each others sound which is evident in Nigerian Afro pop sounds are dominating the airwaves across the continent.

His journey in music began in his early days as an instrumentalist at church, he then joined after school musical sessions which solidified his love for music and set him on the path to pursue it as a career.

His latest musical project includes the songs Dance, Esalobade and Get Up. He recently performed in Braamfontein, Johannesburg and is working towards occupying more art spaces to share his message through music.



Photography by RataRataStore

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Watch video -> “Get Up” promo

Ethnic Kwaito with Collen.


Collen Khalishwayo is a musician, entrepreneur and actor who is breaking through the industry with his unique blend of hip-hop infused ethnic kwaito music. This creative on the move has soared to new heights and came into our radius with his latest single “Sikelela”. Get to know a little bit more about him and his journey.

“I was born in Kwa Zulu Natal. My interest in music began at an early age then we moved to Joburg and I started to actively pursue it.

I make music because this thing is in my blood and I’ve never stopped since then. It’s the language that I know best.

I do not limit myself to one genre of music but hip hop and kwaito are what I know best. I just want my music to give hope.

I have released two albums and are currently working on a third. My latest single “Sikelela” from my upcoming album explores everyday life and some harsh circumstance people find themselves in. I wanted my single to give a voice to the voiceless and touch on some realities most people are afraid to talk about. Everything I write about is to give hope although we do it through entertainment, it is to give hope.

Remember that when you are pursuing music you need to push yourself, you need to grow, you need to learn and make sure you know the industry before you do whatever you want to do. There’s no short-cuts here, go through the process and when you dont understand ask. Believe that art and music can speak for itself.” – Collen



Photography by Brigid Schutz

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