Shuka Shuka.



Shuka Shuka is a ceramic art brand that specializes in producing colourful dynamic mulling bowls. A mulling bowl is a product used for holding (edibles) and anything valuable to the user/customer, spices, salt, peri-peri, smarties or sweets, bathing soap even jewellery and much more.

It inspired by the mulling of seeds and it is designed to fit in your palm. Just the way you put it in your palm you can mull in the dish.
What makes this artwork unique and special is how the art work is made for sharing with people, the way you hold it when presenting it or giving it to someone or serving people resembles it’s creation and an act of kindness.

There are different ways of making the decorations, some are painted in 3 different colours and layers which create a unique look.

Everything nice.JPG

Peppery, Peri-Peri & Salt.

Kitchen manners.JPG

Kitchen Manners.

Photography by Brigid Schutz


Where can one find/purchase the creative product?

Facebook: ShukaShuka
Instagram: shukashukasa
Twitter: ShukaShukaSA
Call: 0790913453
R100.00 each