Juliet Kamanga’s Her Body Series 2018.


Juliet Kamanga.

Juliet Kamanga is back with the 2018 Edition of the Her Body series, this is a photographic series thats released during womens month to empower women to own their individuality, their bodies and their sexuality. We got a little inside scoop from the photographer herself on this years project.

“The Her Body shoot aims to create awareness that women are here in the world and no one but them can define how they want to represent themselves.

It started because social media went to pivotal lengths to body shame woman who supported the “free the nipple” movement as well as the natural movement.

The name came from the fact that photographs are art and we decorate a blank image with something that we choose to shoot. So I thought it would be interesting to look at the body in the same way, by allowing the body to paint the space it’s in.

There were so many memorable moments when shooting. Firstly the excitement people had when I announced that I want to do another shoot pushed me to present everyone with the same enthusiasm they had when coming to the shoot.

I will not forget how all the woman who wanted to take nude/partial nude images where just so ready. Like they just took off their tops and said let’s go. They’re like this is me and I want the world to see me.

I got to photography amazingly talented woman. Namely Boipelo Khunou, Ndivhu “Robyn” Mushanganyisi and Didi Allie, I was so excited about that.

Mostly I enjoyed just the conversations I had with the ladies. They are trying to push the same agenda as I am and it’s inspirational.

I have nude photography in the series, so I wanted to ensure I did not accidentally make the images erotic or sexual even if the woman wanted to show off their sexuality. The point is to ensure they show ownership of their sexuality and not that people should have sexual feelings towards the images.

I hope that the viewers don’t just look at my photography and say, nice picture, then move on. I want people to understand that this is a movement. Woman are participating to create a voice through how they represent themselves.

My series is governed by the models and not by me. I do what they want because it’s Her Body not mine.” – Juliet Kamanga.