PBLO Mokwena.


PBLO Mokwena (21) is a visual and physical Storyteller, her diligence and discipline reflect in her craft through her high quality productions. True to photography, this creative on the move defines herself as a source of light.

“My love for visuals was ushered in by my family, they always had a camera to capture special occasions and holidays. That influenced my passion, I’m inspired by raw emotions, authenticity and music.

I strive to capture moments as they are, naturally beautiful, whether it be Events, Performances or Behind The Scenes of A Set.

I can’t say much about my current upcoming projects because it’s a surprise for the public, but it involves an army of strong women with poms, collaborating with a respected artist.

The visual storytelling industry needs to unite and come back to the rawness of what South African Art is. We should also aim to produce extremely high quality content, and learn to break away from the comfort of working with the same people.

I’d encourage upcoming artists to not depend on others to teach you or put you on, learn as much as you can and build yourself. Make those necessary sacrifices, whatever they are, and always remain positive. Your hard work never goes unnoticed and trust me when I say you are inspiring someone by merely doing what you love and giving it your all.” – PBLO Mokwena


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Photography by Bonolo Manoto