Slabsta nominated for the Hip Hop Cares Awards 2018.


Holiday time means giving time for the Hip Hop Cares community which will be hosting its annual award ceremony on December 25, 2018. The coveted awards are said to have made people cry, started good old hip hop beefs and have built friendships and ended them. The sought after Hip Hop Cares Award is not just an award. Its described as a seal of approval from the Limpopo hip hop community. It is the ultimate reward where you are recognised by judges and your peers.

In light of that, Slabsta has been nominated in two categories for the Hip Hop Cares Awards 2018. The musician is up for Best Collaboration for the song “Styla Sa December” with Adroit and Best Visuals for his “Can’t Stop Me” music video. We have a feeling he will be a fan favorite in both catagories.

You can cast your vote on:

Hip Hop Cares Awards facebook page.

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