Motswako-Trapsoul artist Bebe The Creator on her latest project ‘Stages of Marato’.

Bebe - Kea Rapella

Motswako-Trapsoul artist BebeTheCreator has recently gifted us with a sonically exciting and equally emotionally wrecking EP ‘Stages of Marato’,  the multifaceted artist and musician strives to explore love in all its form through her music and we’re keen to see her musical journey unfold.

How do you define yourself as a musician and what inspired you to become one?

I always aim to make music that speaks to the heart, which is why most of my work is centred around love. Love is the essence of life, so much of how we navigate through life is filled with love or the absence of thereof. When you think about it, love is the one emotion we all search for whether toxic or healthy, we just love love.

I was inspired by life to become a musician. Growing up I would sing in my parents’ bedroom and put on a full show. I was always a bedroom singer, then one day in grade seven myself and a group of friends were randomly singing along to Beyonce, after singing had realized that everyone went quiet and stared at me. These types of moments reoccurred numerous times as through my life. This all changed when I met a girl by the name of Nokuthula, one night we decided to go out for Karaoke, I chose a song by Adele and that silent stare happened again. People literally stopped chatting, turned and listened to me singing. No one really talks about how that moment on stage literally stops time, you experience the moment, you become the moment and I wanted to create more moments like that. I am inspired by Lebo Mathosa (incredible artist), Erykah Badu and Simphiwe Dana. I enjoy their different yet powerful vocals.

What makes your music unique?

I think all music is unique. I take my stories and other people’s stories and write that into a song. I mix Setswana and English and create what I would like to call Motswako Trapsoul. No one can explain to you what love feels like, yet we all have experienced love in some form, and I think that is what makes my music unique. It is tailored from my life.

What inspired your latest project and what do you want people to take from it?

My latest project was inspired by the end of a relationship. You know, we all want a specific type of love, an everlasting type of love, an “unconditional” type of love but that usually results in a toxic bekezeling type of love and that was my inspiration of Stages of Marato.

Stage 1 – So in love with you/Crushing is the infatuation stage. That stage where you’re getting to know each other, staying up late, always texting/calling. At this stage nothing they do deters you from love, this is the stage where I think you are insane, this is the addiction stage.

Stage 2 – Ke Rata is the vibing stage, this is when you have moved from just talking to dating exclusively. This is when you start knowing what their favourite jersey is because you have seen it so many times. This is when you start knowing when they are upset or in a specific mood for something.

Stage 3 – Ke Popile, ah the I am in love stage, at this stage you already know that wa shwa wa e kepella. At this stage you don’t even have to question your feelings, you just know that you love this person.

Stage 4 – H&S sad is it not? When someone who you so loved does something to break your heart and they walk over it like they did not just say they would never hurt you a few months ago. Sad is not when you see someone who spoke those three life changing words say something else now? H&S is when a partner does something to break your heart, the downward spiral of love. We have entered the toxic side of love. That  ‘I’m going to drink it away and hope I won’t feel it’ type of love. The why am I so stupid to think that he ever loved me type of love.

Stage 5 – Ngeke umconfirme umuntu is when you realized that you were staring in your own cartoon show cause clearly you were a Popeye. This is when you go through every single moment to determine when you started becoming a ‘clown’. Where you decipher every red flag. This is where you do not even cry anymore, this is the acceptance stage and just when you have accepted and moved on. This is the stage where you decide if you want to go back to the circus and be a clown? Or you block and go about your day. Block motase, block motwana ka bao.

What do you feel the next step should be for the music and art industry in South Africa?

The next step is happening already with the alternative kids and Woke Arts gave me a platform where I felt like I was seen. The alternative kids are shaking up the country slowly but surely and once SA catches on it will be magnificent. I can see a time where the industry has a variety of artists all thriving at the same time as back in the day. One thing that enables this is the internet. The internet is allowing us to see new talented humans express themselves in ways you would normally see or hear in SA.

What would you say to upcoming musicians to inspire them?

Start, child start. That is the message, start where you are with what you have. I used a free online app to make my first EP Kgale. Knowledge is free on the internet, everything is accessible. If you do not know how to do something, goggle it, youtube it. Simple as that, try not to be too harsh on yourself because the public will do that for you free of charge. Use your ego sometimes, it will help you, stick to your gut and diversify your music intake. Always understand that in life people can accompany you to many things, they can walk alongside you on your journey, but they can’t walk your journey. The world is a summation of all your choices and experiences, so do anything that fulfils you.

Bebe - Carpe Diem
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Multifaceted writer and filmmaker, Tebogo Nong leading us back to ourselves through storytelling.

TebogoJuly2020 (19 of 26)

Coming onto our radar through her deeply reflective and affirming self-published debut poetry collection entitled ‘The Truth Shall Bloom‘ (2018), Tebogo Nong is a screenwriter and poet with a love for all things art, writing and creative entrepreneurship.

While pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Motion Picture, majoring in Screenwriting and Producing, she learned the power of narrative and storytelling which lead her to further explore Film Directing and Screenwriting during her honours year.

She curates @BloomPoetryZA – a multidisciplinary platform she founded in 2017 with the aim of creating a space for multifaceted artists and thinkers. She enjoys collaborating in environments that require a dynamic voice. 

She reveales that the process has shown her new layers of who she is.

”I have a passion for research & how it impacts our world and our growth. I share my art with the world to inspire self-recovery and growth.” 

How do you define yourself as a writer, filmmaker and what inspired you to become one?

In a perfect world, I wouldn’t define myself, but to answer the question I would choose the word ‘multifaceted’ it best describes me as a writer of different mediums and it allows me to create without limitation. My love for storytelling inspired me to explore the possibilities of what it would look like to see my words to evolve from paper to screen.

What makes your style of storytelling unique?

The purpose of my storytelling is not to lead people to a promised land but to lead them back to themselves. Being honest in my expressions is what makes my storytelling unique.

What creative projects are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on my debut directorial film. Writing it has been exciting and challenging at the same time, the story explores the intricacies of childhood and explores the challenges of being resilient when facing familial adversity.

For more on the project you can follow : Transmute.shortfilm

What do you feel the next step should be for the film, television and entertainment industry in South Africa?

I think the next step should be archiving and appreciating the already existing film, TV and entertainment culture we have, nurturing it through support and cultivating a culture of documenting; so when a new generation of creators release work we will have context and collectively give our industries the respect they deserve.

What would you say to upcoming fellow writers and filmmakers to inspire them?

  1. To define is to limit, there are limitless possibilities to the things you can achieve. 
  2. Grow, evolve and nurture yourself because that is where your voice and everything you want to birth will stem from.
  3. Lay a foundation of knowledge that you can confidently build on.
  4. Create beyond the need for recognition and instant gratification, timeless work requires respect and patience – you deserve to have a portfolio and build a life that is a reflection of timeless beauty. 

TebogoJuly2020 (26 of 26)


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Photography by Sheena.Photography

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Instagram and Twitter: @tebogonong_

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