Visual Artist, Cassius Khumalo reflects on his artwork as it investigates the spiritual realm.

Cassius Khumalo is a visual artist whose captivating charcoal drawings call us to investigate civilization, religion and how we define ourselves through spiritual magnanimity. He’s given us the opportunity to unpack his journey through the visual arts and learn more about his latest works.

How do you define yourself as a visual artist  and what inspired you to become one?

I am a man of African traditional customs, growing up being taught to listen to my elders as they have a strong sense of spiritualism, I grew up burning incense  (Imphepho), it was a regular thing either for enlightenment or anything related to connecting to ancestral world. This has become a vital part of my personal journey as a creative person, I found myself drown to study and scrutinize the environment around African ceremonies and rituals from across the scope of performance.

What makes your art unique?

My works are influence by different parts of human culture, in different cultural environments, different religious traditions and time. By combining all this, it results in new and different images, of course not to side line the technical way of handling chalk materials to achieve final portrayal which is a skill I have.

What creative projects are you currently working on? 

I am currently participating in two running  group shows first one at Candice Berman Gallery titled CLOUD-CUCKOO-LAND a realm of fantasy and the second show at Gallery Fanon at Maboneng Johannesburg, lastly it’s a continous project of self realization through my art.

What do you feel the next step should be for the contemporary art industry in South Africa?

Allowing more artists to get knowledge from higher institutions so they learn more about the history of art especially Africa art, I believe that would be a game changer yet till then, I am proud of the direction we heading so far.

What would you say to upcoming visual artists to inspire them? 

First, acknowledge the basics then learn from the past and present artist, it doesn’t have to be many but those who you relate to and what inspires or fascinates you as a person. The final one be yourself and follow your intuition, hence it’s important that you remain closest to your God, he is master of all craft.

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