Naye Ayla on the years of soul searching that inspired her latest EP ‘Every Feeling’.

Naye Ayla is a soulful, sophisticated genre-bending musician who came onto our radar through her 2018 EP ‘Exist’ – a masterful piece of sonic art. We have since been watching her move from strength to strength while rooting for her as we would our favorite artist. Her distinct raspy voice and emotive songwriting resonates with all of us and we’re grateful to have experienced the pleasure of her live performance at our Soulo -O-Sessions alongside WAOMFestival. Here’s our exclusive interview with Naye Ayla sharing more about her musical journey and latest release ‘Every Feeling’.

How do you define yourself as a musician and what inspired you to become one?

It was always innate for me, like a destiny of sorts. I always knew, everyone around me always knew too. There was no other choice for me. This is truly all I’ve ever wanted, to make beautiful music.

What inspired your latest project and what do you want people to take from it?

‘Every Feeling’ is inspired by years and years of soul searching and introspection on my part. The need to confront or allow all my emotions to unfold the way they needed to. I realised that trying to control a feeling, made the feeling more unbearable and the time which i would experience that feeling, so much longer. I just want people to know that its cool to feel things that aren’t pretty and that take long to iron out. We’re humans, we live online where people only share they’re experience once its over, so the process of healing becomes somehow shortened and glamorized. Healing in brutal, endless and feelings are feelings man.

What goes into your process of creating music and what have you learnt from it?

My music process is haphazard. Its made up of all my experiences and conversations and pain and achievements. The love i felt for and from people and the love thats been taken from me. I’ve learnt that i’m endless & thats up for interpretation lol.

What do you feel the next step should be for the music and art industry in South Africa?

I think we should definitely continue the way we’re going but push harder. Push for excellence, for quality. The one thing that needs serious attention here is Live performance. We need to develop profound respect for live performance in order to get what we want out of it. Good sound, good planning, good teams, no financial compromise. Its such a weird thing to compromise on the cost of sound when you want a good live performance, lol so counterintuitive.

What would you say to upcoming musicians to inspire them? 

Please don’t stop. If it matters to you that your name be on it, then don’t stop.

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