Musician, Slabsta on his music inspiring a movement and his upcoming single release ‘Mohlakanyo’.

Since the release of his groovy debut EP ‘Summer Love’, Slabsta has once again challenged the status quo through creating a fusion of Kwaito and Hip-Hop sounds which he calls Mohlakanyo. His creative use of the two sounds coupled with authentic storytelling is bound to make his music the soundtrack in any neighborhood. Here’s our exclusive interview with Slabsta sharing more about his journey and upcoming single Mohlakanyo.

How do you define yourself as a musician and what inspired you to become one?

I am a verstile musician with and my creativity is endless, I love fusing different sounds to create a specific sound which I now call ‘Mohlakanyo’. 

I really have to admit that Khuli Chana inspired me to push my music further but over all listening to my dad’s collection of music when I was younger inspired me to create my own.

What inspired your upcoming single Mohlakanyo and what do you want people to take from it?

Mohlakanyo was inspired by the timelessness of Kwaito music and how it still sounds so good now. I figured doing a song that people could relate to would reconnect them to that sound of music that they grew up listening to.

The hook was also inspired by Selaelo Selota’s ‘Thrrr Phaaa!’ Song. 

What I want people to take from it is that you can be anything positive that you dream to be, no matter who you are or where you come from.

What goes into your process of creating music and what have you learnt from it?

Allowing myself to feel my surroundings is what helps me create the music I want to put out. If I am not feeling anything I won’t even think of writing a song so I really find inspiration in feeling nature and allowing it to flow through my music. 

I’ve learnt that opening up to nature and the world brings knowledge and words create music.

 What do you feel the next step should be for the music and art industry in South Africa?

I feel that we should normalize plugging each other. If you can’t help someone right now aleast plug them onto a platform that would suit them or help them grow, I think we all deserve a chance to try and be what we aspire to be. 

What would you say to upcoming musicians to inspire them?

If you have that tingling feeling in your heart that tells you that you are meant for this music thing then go for it! Believe in yourself. 

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Singer, 3Gee on creating music that spreads positive messages in his upcoming EP ‘Purple Matter’.

3Gee is a musician and entrepreneur who has dedicated himself to expressing the fullness of the human experience through his music. His soulful fusion of RnB and Hip-Hop backed up by his vocal range is bound to make him a favorite on your moody playlists. Here’s more on his latest project and his experience in the industry.

‘At the core myself I think I’m a humble being who aspires to give people hope in love and life. My talent enables me to do that through music so I am grateful for that.’ -3Gee

What inspired your latest project ‘Purple Matter’ and what do you want people to take from it?

I’ve come across so many broken hearted women and men, who are stuck in broken relationships but they are scared to leave because they are afraid of being lonely. So through this project I am attempting to take those people through a healing process and back to feeling good and worthy again. 

All I want is for people to understand and learn that if you are not happy, you have to allow yourself to make decisions that will lead you to happiness even if it’s not easy. I’ve collaborated with a few artists including Jayhood and Slabsta and I’m really excited to put the music out there.

What goes into your process of creating music and what have you learnt from it?

A lot of dedication, time, love and experiences. You have to understand what you speaking about in your music, people should be able to relate to it.  I think for your music to be relevant it has to be somewhat therapeutic. I’ve learned that if you put your mind, soul and heart into something you will definitely make it to the next level.

What do you feel the next step should be for the music and art industry in South Africa?

I think musicians should strive to make music that is relevant and more music that will pass out good messages, our youth needs it. Music is powerful and we need to spread more positive influences so we don’t all fall into despair.

What would you say to upcoming musicians to inspire them? 

The music industry is hard, we’re are trying to claw our way in and most times you’ll feel like giving up. But never give up…the minute you think of giving up remember why you started.

Stay consistent, stay positive, stay humble always, stay focused, stay hungry but mostly stay relevant. 

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