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Kea Mooka talks all things creatives on the move on NuSoulhub Radio. NuSoulhub Radio is a platform aimed at showcasing talent and creating converstions around alternative culture.

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Free Like A Bird.


I fell, hard

My inner demons screaming at me,

Keep falling.

I drifted, into oblivion,

I let my past and present eat at my future,

I fell, hard.


My mind battled if’s, maybe and what now…?

It held on to blurred image of the little girl dancing in the rain,

The rainbow refusing to light up her skies,

But danced she did.


It’s not real, the meds will make you crazy, and talking doesn’t help,


But I cannot, it’s cold, I am lost.

My body, soul, mind…let go.

Tired, but…


Rise, my feet won’t let me.

Sing, my voice is stolen.

Dream, I cannot sleep.

Pray, I forgot how to.

Fly, but…



This time, learn to soar.

This time, fall, but rise.

This time, hurt, but heal.

This time,

Be free.

Written by Amogelang Lekwadu

Photography by Brigid Schutz


August House, The Artists Playground.


August House, The Artists Playground is a Light-Industrial building which has been converted to a network of artist and production spaces. It currently houses some of the biggest names in the South African Contemporary Visual Art world.

On the 30th of July 2017, August House hosted an Open Studio group exhibition which allows the audience and art enthusiasts to engage with art in the artists spaces. With four floors of of artist spaces to explore and a showroom for the group exhibition, The Artists Playground is definitely the go to place for an exploration of the South African Art landscape.




Watch Video -> August House, Open Studio’s 30 July 2017.

Sisanda Art.


Sisanda Buthelezi is a Visual Artist and Photographer from Pretoria, Gauteng. We got to catch up with this young creative who aims to shake things up in the art world.

“My inspiration for taking up visual art came from my intense need to create awareness and be the voice for those whose voices have been drowned out by our society’s lack of empathy and oblivion where the less fortunate citizens are concerned.

Many topics that disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed are often neglected in our daily mediocre conversations as we tend to like to shy away from the issues that do not directly affect us. As a visual artist, I aim to be that link between the disturbed and the comfortable as I believe that a middle ground should be established in order to stabilize the South African economy and society.” – Sisanda Buthelezi


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Panda Bear Frozen Treats #The100Campaign.



Panda Bear Frozen Treats #The100 campaign is an initiative aimed at exposing potential and existing customers to the Panda frozen treats flavour range. By setting aside 100 product samples, they are on a mission to touch 100 customers and leave them with an experience they will never forget. From the flavours they will taste to the people they will see. Panda Bear Frozen Treats guarantee’s a fun time wherever they go.

Details on how to join the exclusive group to be released soon.

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