Vanity of Man.


Vanity Of Man is an artist who shares his love and passion for creating art through music, the written word and any medium that allows for genuine expression. This creative on the move captivated us with his fusion of hip hop and jazz sound in his latest offering Nubian. Here’s more on what inspires the young creative.

“What I do through my craft is share my own emotions, the tales of my day-to-day trials and tribulations, and give insight into the life of a young black creative.Besides the normal motives such as my personal life and past events, I’m greatly inspired by the beauty in the perfection of craft, or at least the endless pursuit of perfection. Through any discipline, be it sports, music, film, architecture, literature etc. Anyone who is able to maximize their potential and constantly raise their ceiling inspires me to never settle in regards to the work that I do.

What makes the way I express myself artistically unique is that I’m addicted to portraying captivating narrative, which is unfortunately becoming more niche if you look at it through the lens of mainstream music. You turn on the television or the radio and you see, hear the same thing over and over again. I choose to express myself differently by always placing emphasise on a feeling or a message, be it my own or another person’s, as long as I’m being true to myself and the music that I make.

I guess by not being too fixated on how other artists approach their music and trends, I think I could be a part of the renaissance of good music and the rise of more talented creatives, not just the appreciation of popular ones.

My latest work includes my recently released a joint tape with Johnny Wxlf titled “Mmmmm? Swayze” (Which you can find on any of my social network handles) Honestly speaking I have quite a bit of work in the safe but I’m aiming to release a solo mixtape in the next 2-3 months, another solo EP later in the year around September titled “Nubian Goddess 2003” and perhaps another joint tape in the middle of those solo projects.

So if you’re a Vanity Of Man supporter, there’s going to be a lot of work coming your way and if you’re not there will be more than enough content to turn you into a believer. I’ll also be releasing visual content throughout the year in partnership with Featherweightent. Each one of the projects I’ll be dropping are all different and are all a mini-universe in their own right. I’m just extremely excited to finally share this work with everyone so just keep your eyes, ears and heart open.

I encourage all upcoming artists take themselves as seriously as you want other people to. Truly be about your music or craft, let it be a part of your daily life so there can be no questions about what it is you do and your commitment to it. Even in uncertainty be bold when it comes to your art, be proud and trust in your content and the process that accompanies it. Then your work will never fail you.

Lastly stop seeing yourself as an outsider trying to enter the “industry” when if you look around, you’ll find that you are your own industry because you have your own network of photographers, producers, artists creatives and promoters that you frequently collaborate with. Never take those connections for granted, you can always find the tools to create, just make sure you do as much as you can with the means available, and turn your passion into a career by monetizing your art. Perhaps you could help create the new “500 Club” like Basquiat did.”


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Koaho EuphoriaHeart is a digital artist and blogger who defines himself as an expressionist. His style of art is inspired by the feminist movement which gives voice to the movement in a male dominated art industry. This creative on the move is definitely one to watch out for in the didgital art space, here’s more on his work and upcoming projects.

“I’m inspired by the femenist movement that strengthens the female voice.

My Style of design is very different bacuse it combines different art strategies. My art is very specific to female figures and issues surrounding womens rights. I see my art as more of a movement than just a mere expression.

I’m currently working on an e-book that combines art abd poetry which I plan to release sometime around June this year. I’m also currently partnering with a few brands such as #KeAJumpisa by Prince Kaybee, Milk Clothing by Brains Mohapi, EuphoriaHeart and SkinnyGenesTV.

I’d encourage upcoming artists in the digital space to never stop learning. Visit as maby galleries as possible, treat your work like a baby, nurture it each chance you get and be open to teaching the next artist so we can have a better industry.” – EuphoriaHeart.


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zinhle background.jpg

Bontle Ba Tlhago, 2017

Boipelo Khunou aka BOTAKI is an artist and freelance portrait photographer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She is currently completing a BAFA Hons degree at the University of Witwatersrand and is interested in the embodiment of personal power. She works in various media to engage ideas that speak to lived experience; an artist who creates from an understanding of her position in the world and the contexts that she is active in. Our creative on the move is dedicated to her philosophy, BOTAKI KE BOTSHELO, here’s more on what inspires her and her latest projects.

“I’m inspired by life itself, and travel. There are so many aspects to our existence that we take advantage of or don’t notice at all. I came to the idea of studioBOTAKI, which is my own artistic platform, after feeling like I needed a space where I could control my artistic representation and start building a foundation where I would begin to give active meaning to my creations. Last year I struggled with the pressure of what it truly meant to express authentic art and found myself a bit lost as to what I should focus on because I have so many different skills and interests. Now I want to see these ideas and concepts through in the mediums that I know and loosen the pressure of perfection by seeing the act of creating as an opportunity to learn and grow. This is what inspires me now, that truly BOTAKI KE BOTSHELO.

My work is unique simply because everything I create comes through my mind, heart and hands and people notice this when they share, buy and collaborate with me. I think my work is authentic to my own life experiences and does not come across as pretentious because I try my best to be open to knowledge and different ways of expressing ideas. Although I do think external influences are a big part of why we create and we must always acknowledge the sources of our inspiration.

I am working on several projects independently and collectively with Pussy on a Plinth and BATHO. Independently I want to rebuild my artistic portfolio and aesthetic and stretch my abilities as a photographer and merge my fine art background into photographic and film work, hopefully this will allow me to strengthen an art director skill I am dying to develop. A definite project I am pursuing is a nude series titled Bontle Ba Tlhago which can be described as an ode to nature, colour and the nude human form, and through this series I hope to collaborate with anyone who is willing to be a muse. I also intend to expand some concepts into screen printing and digital drawing/animation projects. Photography has been my main practice for a while but I haven’t felt as artistically connected to it before as I do now so I’d like to give it more presence in my life as an artist.

Pussy On a Plinth is a collective I formed with ten fellow artists and friends late last year. We’ve created an image based publication for the Lephephe Print Gatherings hosted by Keleketla! Library and Title in Transgression last year and this year we hope to really solidify the collective through hosting zine jams and curating exhibitions that will allow us to share more of our individual fine art practices and assert our space as artists creating around our lived experiences.

BATHO is a platform I started with my sister, Didintle Khunou, about two years ago and it has been silent for a while. This was truly my first passion project even before I moved to Johannesburg and we intend for it to serve as a mouth piece for people around us to engage in certain conversations that affect our immediate and external societies. Our main form of documentation is through film and we hope to give BATHO a new feel and begin creating and collaborating again.

To be honest I am in constant need of motivation as well and this is mostly because it is very easy to slip away from our first intentions and dreams that made us choose art in the first place. So my advice is to set reminders to assist you in remembering what made you feel it necessary to be creative whenever you feel like you are slipping away or when you face rejection, because it will happen many times. Purpose is everything and being reminded of our purposes, even if it changes along the creative process, is always a good way to remain grounded and focused. I’d also advise anyone seeking more creative outlets in life to maintain their curiosity and never stop questioning institution and social traditions. There is a lot of freedom that comes from the uncanny ways of life and there is more to life and art once you allow yourself to unlearn certain things. Be resilient and use whatever you have accessible to you. Technologies don’t only exist digitally, and often times the technologies and resources we use digitally can be simplified by researching other forms of technologies and ways of creating from different cultures and contexts. In the same respect learn your rights. Artists have responsibilities to give credit to our influences but we also have rights to our work, intellectual property and to how our work is distributed. This will raise our awareness and value of our work and will also raise our confidence and criticality towards the different.”

– Boipelo Khunou


Didintle by Boipelo, 2016



Black Womxns Caucus, in collaboration with Sibongile Shope, Noord Taxi Rank, 2017

allyssa 8

Allyssa by Boipelo, 2016

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Getting started with King Zee.

King Zee is a Musical Composer, Singer-Songwriter and Producer of some of the best music we’ve heard. He is one third of White Darkie (W. D. / Dub D) in association with Conquer Entertainment, his authentic sound is bound to break new grounds in the music industry. We got the opportunity to catch up with King Zee and got to know a little more about his journey of getting started in the music industry.

“The name Zee has always been a name associated with me as a youngster in my hood as a nickname. Growing older I realised that I’m the best at what I do i.e. living my life, hence that’s where the King comes in. I am known as King Zee!

Music has always been a part of my life. I’ve always been a big fan of music. I feel like music is my life and I often use music as an escape. Music is my therapy, music is a drug to me. What inspired me to pursue music as a career is the fact that I love it so much, I decided that instead of listening to the music I like and love, I will create and produce the music I love for the world to hear.

I’m a hip hop artist but I consider the type of music I make as E.T (Extra Terrestrial/out of this world) It’s an alternative fusion between the sounds of trap and soul.

My life inspires the kind of music I make. I feel like life is a blank book and music is my pen. I’m just writing my life story in the soulful rhythms of sounds. I’d have to say King Zee is my biggest musical influence. I have many other musical influences but I’d say, Kwesta, Cassper and AKA to name a few.

My hood Vosloorus is a hood like any other. We have an abundance of talented people. The biggest problem we face in my home town when it comes to pursuing one’s dream, is the lack of resources and investment. We have talented people but some people tend not to pursue their dreams because of the stigma around artists not making it out from this side. That’s why I’m pursuing my dreams in order to inspire other artists, whether they’re in music or otherwise, to pursue their dreams. If I can do it, so can you.

Hip hop in my hood is gradually getting to a point where artists now acknowledge their talent for what it is and are trying by all means to better themselves artistically and fashionably.

I’m currently working on recording my debut E.P! It is my first solo project as King Zee and it will feature collaborations with artists such as Spacious beats, Sou K and 3 Gee Music. Spacious Beats and Aloice Music produced and engineered the entire tape! Shout out to Spacious Beats, Aloice Music and Conquer Entertainment.

What inspired this project in particular was dedication and team work! We as a team, have spent some time trying to get a flow of work going but we’ve had challenges that we needed to overcome. Now that it’s a new year, it brings for new beginnings and a better mentality towards the future and achieving one’s goals. That’s why I’m working on this E.P and naming it Clock Work. I don’t need to say more… #It’sTime.

Fellow artists need to know that the road to success, in whatever field you are in, is never straight… It has curves, speed bumps, offramps, turns and every negative thing, thought there is out there. If you have a dream and it’s real, straight from the heart, never give up on it. Egypt wasn’t built in one day. God knows why he put you on this Earth. It’s up to us to find our purpose and chase it with everything we have. Never let another person tell you that you can’t do it. If they say it’s Impossible, turn around and tell them, “I’m Possible!” – King Zee

King Zee-13.jpg

Watch full video -> Getting started with King Zee.

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Lajema Kreative Company.


Lajema Kreative is a creative collaborative company founded in 2017 by Sylvester Thamsanqa Majela. The aim of the company is focused on collaborating with artists and creating creative and innovative works. Their currently running ALL4ONE project is aimed at uniting independent artist to create and showcase, perform their works. We got to catch up with the founder Sylvester Majela to find out what the Company has in store for the creative industry. 

“Lajema Kreative Company is purely inspired by the notions of creativity and innovation, it was inspired by the fact that there are not so many independent artists or works being exhibited or put on mainstream media, yet there are many great works which are probably even better than what we see on the mainstream platforms.

As a dancer, I’m personally motivated by movement, by this I mean the movement of life: how people are coordinated when walking in the streets to the movement of a simple animal and how it adapts. One has to learn to embody everything as a dancer, movement and emotions. Lajema Kreative is unique in the sense that it sought to show creativity, and it’s belief is that creativity is something so special, that can change ones perception about the normality.

I’ve currently been working on a duet in collaboration with Afro Urban Junxion Dance Company based in Durban and collaborating with Independant artists around Johannesburg later this year. I’m working on a solo work inspired by a dance film called A Last One in Color, which was shot in Vienna in collaboration with Viennese artists.

My motivation to upcoming dancers and choreographers that, in order to grow and understand the industry, collaborate and create works. We forget that we are given a talent and skills to make things. Even great artist take risks and practice, let us take risks. South African artists tend to be selfish with their works and skills, lack of sharing only sets us back in the development of the arts in South Africa. Mostly, never wait for something to happen, DO IT!”

– Sylvester Thamsanqa Majela.



Photography by  Joe Schroecker.

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Artists who blew us away with their creativity in 2017.


2017 was nothing short of innovation and raw emotion and our fellow creatives on the move gave us a dose of talent displayed through unique art. Here are the creatives who blew us away with their art in 2017:

Ray Manzana

Ray is a photographer, filmmaker and the founder of Beyond Visual Hype, whose visuals are as crisp and dynamic as they come. 2017 saw him work with Redbull, Kandy Koated Music and Terry Pheto.

Sisanda Buthelezi

Sisanda Buthelezi is a visual artist whose paintings shines light on everyday societal ills. She is currently working with a gallery in London, The London Art Merchants on an art dealership.


The vibe goddess herself served us with her rich RnB alternative sounds that you can’t help but move to. She was featured on SABC 1’s Brothers and Sisters of Soul, and recently took to the KFC Soundbite stage to show us that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Odirile Motsiri

Odirile Motsiri is a visual artist whose unique ethnic paintings are highly coveted. He held his 1st solo exhibition named Identity in 2017.


Rapper and Producer I.T.E had us jamming all year long with his 7:30 como EP. He’s worked alongside Rouge and Saddiq Ali M. He’s a rising star about to take over the rap game.

Natalie Paneng

Miss Hello Nice herself kept us tuned to her Youtube channel with her Series “Hello Nice” that explores the everyday life of an alternative, quirky art Queen. We’re looking forward to seeing what she has in store for us next.

Maira Wolfe

Mother of the Wolves had us howling along to her melodic poetry everytime she took to the stage. Not only that but the writer nubbed five publications under her real name Michelle Mooka and currently working on her sixth to add to her author title in 2017.

Lehlogonolo Ntsoko

Jazz Quintet Lehlogono Ntsoko spent the year on the road alongside the biggest names in the South Aftican contemporary Jazz world.

Theto Maleka

The founder of Rata Rata Store found herself adding on to the Rata Rata name with her upcoming launch in Tubatse, South Africa. The creative and her travel and culture hub have been at the forefront of creative spaces.

No Payn, No Gain.



In the centre of the Eldorado Park we came across a young fearless creatives who are changing their community through art. We got a chance immerse ourselves in hip hop culture in Eldorado Park with artist Payn from music group The Council.

Who is Payn and where does the name come from? 

I’m Payn from Eldorado Park ext 9, our growing music group called The Council  consists of other artists and producers all working together to make a difference in the community. The name Payn was given to me by a close friend of mine Lorenzo and it stuck as everybody in the hood started calling me Payn, way before I discovered I could even rap.

What inspired you to pursue music as a career?

I think music has always been in my blood. My dad plays the saxophone,  he’s an undiscovered jazz musician and my brother found his sound in house music, he’s a dj. What inspires me the most to pursue music as a career is these two men in my life who in my eyes never believed and went for their dreams/lacked faith, and as a result are still unhappy in their lives. The best thing you can do for yourself is to walk in  the path which was intended for you until you reach your destination.

My music talks about Me, what I see, how I see it, what I’ve done. Where I want to go in life. It talks about life itself. I think a lot of people will relate, as it sends a message. Bringing people closer to God as a believer.

How does your home town Eldorado Park affect ypur music. Tell us about hip hop culture in your hood. 

Hip hop culture in Eldos? It’s crazy, I meet rappers every week. A lot of people keep it to themselves because the hood is full of negativity, there’s always people there to drag you down. Until they hear what heat you packing then it’s a different story. Eldos has more rappers than rappers considered out there in the game, It’s crazy. As The Council we create support by doing unexpected free style seasons and even sponsoring beats to the dopest rappers in the hood. The Council is not just a group but a movement. We are trying to bring unity to artists, not just musicians but photographers, graphic designers and others who should be working together, building each other  and growing together.  There’s no competition in the industry all the competition is in the streets.

I am one of the people who want to see change. I rap about what’s really going on around us. Exposing the devil. Promoting God. Being a testimony of God’s work.

What projects are you currently working on and what inspired them? 

I’m currently working on the last song of my ep “Before the Payn” which has 5 tracks. I call em appetisers, they just make you want to hear more of Payn.

I also got a mix tape ” no payn no gain” of 18 tracks coming out after the Ep. The mixtape is done. It was actually my first project which I’m releasing after the Ep cause it’s better than what I had expected. The beat selection is out of this world, just classics. Got quite a few features mostly from eldos, all of them were great. This mixture is so different from what you’ve heared anybody do, it’s kinda scary in fact.

I’ve also got a few singles done where I featured the likes of Lawd from Vaal side Sebokeng, Paper boi from the west, Tee Montana from Eldos.

December 16th I’ll be releasing my first single “Came To Kill Me ft Bon” it is classic, you have to hear it.

What would you say to fellow upcoming artists to inspire them? 

Sometimes I just feel like giving up, because the second I’m done with a challenge there is another bigger one waiting for me but with no challenges there’s no growth. Stay grateful and be happy to take them on. Do the right thing find God and everything else will follow.



Watch Video -> No Payn, No Gain.

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