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Happy Spring Day!




In&Outfit is a blog you’ll be able to view for everyday styling tips, interactive item finding and brand locating of local and international brands.We got a chance to get a fashion update with the ever so stylish and sophisticated creative behind In&Outfit,¬†Kele Motlhamme¬†she is¬†a stylist, pageant director and visualist on the rise. She gave us a full update on the hottest looks and styling tips for this season.

kele2 2.jpg

“With this first look, ¬†I believe in comfort, and shades of chocolate are really in for me this season. The look is inspired by the typical stylish but yet busy girl. It’s an on the go quick and laid back, but it has detail and a certain level of sophistication.”


“Casual with a twist – this is how id describe this look. It’s way more fun to work with an outfit that’s plain because any accessory adds detail to the outfit, that sort of changes the look and feel of it, and to me fashion is a playful experience.”

Naturally seeing the world.jpg

The palette for this look is really what makes it pop. Color coordination makes the styling an art and this winter, we’re taking dull colors to a whole other level. I like to incorporate seasons into one another so for me, pairing a winter jacket with a summer ¬†shirt/crop top makes absolute fashion sense.

We are absolutely thrilled to have gotten a look into In&Outfit, and we’ll definitely be looking out for more style and fashion tips from this creative on the move!


Sneaker Head.

sneakerhead 2

We all have a pair of sneakers lying around somewhere in the closet, but for some sneakers are not just a pair of shoes, it’s an art and lifestyle. We’re talking about sneaker heads, We caught up with Sibusiso Khumalo¬†to get a little insight on sneaker culture. He is a creative, and a self proclaimed sneaker lover and collector.

So what is sneaker culture? “It’s a love for sneakers that is beyond love, it’s a culture. For me it means not only getting sneakers, but also trying to find out more and more about sneakers too. I only have like 8 pairs of sneakers right now, I’m still growing my collection.”

What should you look at when you buy a pair of sneakers? “I look at the material, the color combination it matters, also ¬†look at the history of the shoe. Every shoe you see on the shelf ¬†has its own a history that makes you want to grab it and buy it, also just simply know what you are looking for.”

Some advice from Sibusiso to buyers looking to collect sneakers. “If you’re hunting for kicks don’t be desperate, don’t rush your collection look for something that fits you well, look for something that’s eye catching and most importantly something that you understand.”

So there you have it, if you’re looking to get into sneaker culture, take notes and live the art.


Watch this awesome video of Sibusiso explaining Sneaker Culture -> Sneaker Culture with Sibusiso Khumalo.



Re Basadi


We were launched into a feminine conversation, when we came across a creative young woman on a mission to run the world. Tebatso Molapo, a photographer, Film and Televison student at Wits and the Founder of Re Basadi, which means ‘we are women’. The name alone is enough to motivate you to slay your life. It is an affirmation of womanhood.

What motivated Tebatso to start Re Basadi? “Re Basadi, the idea sparked when I noticed a gap within my home town. Too many of the local brands were owned by guys, and I questioned why we as women couldn’t establish our own, and put ourselves out there. I realized a lack of motivation, then I decided d to start Re Basadi. I intended for it to be a platform ¬†where women can just come together, share ideas and support each other.”

Her strongest passion is to motivate women, and address women’s issues. ” I believe in financial freedom and I believe that is something that every woman should have. I strive to get women involved, and give them a platform to grow themselves.”

Tebatso embraces the fact that we were born for a bigger purpose, and her dream is to fulfill her purpose, pursuing a journey to success for herself and everyone around her.

Re Basadi currently has two projects running, the first is called “A Part of Me”, a pad campaign run by Relebohile Majoro. The second is a called “Dress-A-Girl”‘ which is run by Charlon Mpuse. All of which are efforts to better the lives on young women in her community.

“I see Re Basadi having dominating South Africa, and other Southern African Countries, the goal is to partner with ¬†women led organisations in the near future”

The Re Basadi movement is a truly inspirational movement, Tebatso reminds us that “Dreams can only be ¬†achieved if you’re willing to work hard on them.”

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Written by Kea Mooka

Finding the gift with Neo.


The minute she walks into the room the ¬†mood lightens. Her glistering smile, poise and elegance command attention. She truly lives up to her name which means “gift” and we were fortunate enough to be gifted with the chance to get to know Neo Tutu, the reigning Miss South Point.

What inspired Neo to take on Miss South Point? “I feel like God blesses us equally but different, my gift happens to being good at modelling and pageants, I like the idea of these platforms enabling me to bring change and influence society.”

Neo is currently studying to become a pilot, and does modeling and hosting to raise funds for her aviation studies. She flies high, quite literally but also serves to remind us to reach for the skies. “In 5 years time I could see myself as the best pilot in Africa, a reigning Miss South Africa and an entrepreneur. If it’s God’s will.”

“I would like young people to realize the power they have to change things around them. Self doubt and a lack of determination kills dreams. We need to learn to preserve, find yourself a mentor and make your dreams a reality.”

Find the gift in you.


Written by Kea Mooka

White Shoes.

DSC_0016 copy - wm

She had this sway to her step. She slept in crisp white linen that matched her shoes, sashayed in silk robes and let her nipples free to pierce through her sarong. Her penthouse filled with paint stains and dark shadows from the journeys travelled in hew white shoes.

Chasing a dream with hopes of one day being called a queen. She didn’t always know which side of the road, would lead to the pot of gold. Stepping forward towards her unknowing victim who would be trapped in her system.

Trapped by the bittersweet aftertaste of the devouring allure drenched in her aura. Her beauty more hypnotic than Medusa at her greatest.

Enter her world, queen of the universe in her four white walls. A scent of purple pedals she left behind.

Written by Michelle Mooka

Photo by Sameera Soorjee Photography

Tosso Street Brand


Tosso is a lifestyle street brand that’s tailored for you from all angles.”Tosso” simply means blowing life into everything you do by breaking boundaries.

It specializes in head wear, from exclusive Panel Caps, Baseball Hats, Snapbacks and Truckers that range from R180.

Tosso bucket hats are tailored from scratch and customized, it takes pride in quality, which is what makes it stand out.

Instagram: TossoBrand

Facebook: TossoBrand

Twitter: @TossoSnapbacks

061 844 6303

Reggae, Craft and Art.

DSC_0087-2 (1)

Just outside the neighbourgoods market, the alley is brightened up by racks of clothing with colourful tribal prints, tye-dye shirts, beaded accessories and woven leather sandals. An all African style-section. You would swear the individuals behind the stalls were cut from the same cloth, and they were. They are a group of creative craftsmen, who share a sense of spirituality and appreciation for nature. To them, their work is more than just art. Their lives revolve around embodying the essence of the work they do, using recycled materials, keeping healthy, being peaceful and attuning themselves to forces larger than life.

DSC_0039-2   DSC_0107-2

Top:Jaqhuline. Bottom: Jabulile ‘Yellow’ Bhengu

We walked up to Jahquline from RAGGAmuffin accessories collection, she let us scan her collection and admire her attention to detail. The earrings shaped as fortune cookies served me life! She explained how the core of her craft is in science, being a former BSc student herself. It was amazing to see how her pieces were inspired by so much of the world, and the depths she goes to create them. She encouraged us to be conscious of the world we live in, and know our self worth.

Literally, a step away was Jabulanie Bhengu‚Äôs stall he introduced himself as ‚ÄúYellow‚ÄĚ. He‚Äôs been on his journey for 22 years travelling through Africa, selling his craft. His creations had a language of their own, ‚Äúsign language‚ÄĚ, he calls it. He prides himself on creating pieces that speak for themselves.

We rounded up by talking to Mam’ Vicky. She sews traditional clothes that will have you SLAYING at any event! She has been doing this for a great many years and has passed the skill down to her granddaughter. She maintains full ownership of her business and encourages all aspiring artists to do the same.

I realized how much I enjoyed the vibes around there after talking to the faces behind this art, the team couldn’t stop taking pictures and were inspired to keep pushing their.

To all you artizens; remember own your aesthetic, and go forth and do great things.

Written by Kea Mooka

Photos by Sameera Soorjee Photography